Thumburuni Market in Fakfak West Papua: Support for Papuan Small Businesses

West Papua
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Thumburuni Market is the center of the economy of the people of Fakfak, West Papua. Economic growth in the area briefly declined after riots damaged the Thumburuni market in 2019. However, with the commitment of the Indonesian government to advance Papua’s land infrastructure, they will eventually rebuild this market.

Surprisingly, the Market will be the first green building concept market in Papua and use Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. How does the design look with a development budget of hundreds of billions of rupiah?

West Papua
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Legal Basis of Thumburuni Market Development

The redevelopment of the Thumburuni market in the Fakfak District has a legal basis. Among them are the following:

  1. RI Presidential Regulation (Perpres) No.43/2019 and PUPR Ministerial Decree No.1490/2020 relate to developing and rehabilitating people’s markets and other infrastructure.
  2. Letter of the Minister of Trade No. 594 dated July 20, 2020, regarding the application for the development of a people’s market through the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing.
  3. Letter from the Governor of West Papua No. 910 dated December 2, 2019, regarding the request for assistance in accelerating infrastructure development following the President of the Republic of Indonesia’s working visit.
  4. Letter of the Regent of Fakfak No. 510 dated August 23, 2019, concerning assistance for the reconstruction of the Thumburuni market in Fakfak Regency.

The Thumburuni Market Profile

The development of the Thumburuni Market was carried out to restore the function of the market as an infrastructure for trade and the people’s economy. The building will be a safe, comfortable, clean, organized, and better facility. 

Thumburuni Market is a modern market with a total area of 9,568 m2, a building area of 13,563 m2, and a height of four floors. This market will eventually become a location for micro, small and medium enterprises to sell a variety of necessities, electronics, clothing, and other items. Later, 166 kiosk units and 974 booth units were planned to accommodate merchant activities.

They will also integrate the Thumburuni Fakfak market with the terminal to serve the public city and rural transportation. In addition, there are parking facilities with a capacity for 44 cars and 120 motorbikes.

The Challenges of Rebuilding the Thumburuni Market

Several challenges hampered the renovation and rebuilding process of the Thumburuni market after it was severely damaged in 2019. Construction has yet to begin, even though the Regent of Fakfak, Untung Tamsil, laid the groundwork on Wednesday, February 9, 2022.

The main obstacle to rebuilding the Thumburuni Market was demolishing the debris, taking six months longer than planned. Nonetheless, the materials and equipment are prepared.

In addition, there will be internet-connected CCTV installed to monitor every work process so that they can do the monitor directly from both Jakarta and Manokwari.

Thumburuni Market Development Budget

The Thumburuni Market is being developed under the Multi Years Contract (MYC) scheme, which the State Budget funds for the fiscal year 2021-2023. The construction contract is worth Rp 104 billion and is expected to be finished in 570 days.

The Fakfak district government will establish excellent and professional governance to ensure the sustainability of its development. Service providers must meet five criteria:

  • Being on time;
  • Having the proper quality;
  • Having the appropriate cost;
  • Having the appropriate administration;
  • Having the appropriate benefit.

The goal is for the Thumburuni Market to become a valuable public facility for both traders and locals in Papua and West Papua.

The First Green Building Concept Market in Papua Using BIM Technology

Thumburuni Market has implemented the Green Building basic concept during the planning stage, and service providers are required to use Building Information Modeling during construction (BIM). It makes Thumburuni Market the first market in Papua and West Papua to implement the Green Building Concept and BIM.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a technology in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) field that can simulate all of the information in a development project into a 3-dimensional model. In the future, the use of BIM technology in the Thumburuni market project could establish it as a model for ease of implementation.

It is one of the Ministry of PUPR’s efforts to promote the use of intelligent and green buildings and advancements in digital construction technology throughout the country. To ensure the future viability of the Thumburuni Market, the Fakfak Regency Government must also prepare excellent and professional management.

With a fantastic budget, the development of the Thumburuni market will require a workforce of approximately 100 people.

The Right Moment to Revitalize West Papua’s Economy

The economic chaos caused by the Covid-19 pandemic undoubtedly impacted the economy and welfare of the people of Papua. The main goal of constructing Thumburuni Market in Fakfak District, West Papua, is to support the people’s economic activities. The presence of this market is beneficial to the surrounding community since they get a new place to trade and a new opportunity to profit.

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