Tiplol Mayalibit, West Papua: A Gem In The Making

West Papua
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In the current state of Indonesia, little is known about West Papua, unlike other big provinces like Jakarta, Batam, or Bali, despite being a part of the same country. Therefore, most of the time, the rest of the locals tend to latch onto the remaining stereotypes and assumptions made about the province. 

Therefore, when President Joko Widodo uploaded a 1 minute and 34-second video showing the natural beauty of the Tiplol Mayalibit District, social media users were bewitched by the incredible view, it has to offer. This was the highlight of social media and West Papua’s news. This is a turning point for the area since it is one of the first few times that they have been exposed to the rest of the country.

West Papua
Source : West Papua Daily

The Hidden Gem of Raja Ampat

Due to the lack of access and connection to the outside world, the district’s potential and environmental richness went unnoticed. This district was first formed in 2010 as a part of Raja Ampat, with an area of 298.88 km2, 161.38 km2 of land, and 137.5 km2 worth of sea. The area was seen to have a very rich and green ecosystem and is unpolluted, signaled by the sights of tall and green forests as well as 

Raja Ampat itself is already very famed for its tourist attractions and beautiful nature. Therefore, adding Tiplol Mayalibit to the map through this method of exposure, especially after seeing the enthusiastic reactions of Indonesian folks, would add to the local economy.

There are many potential tourist attractions that Tiplol Mayalibit has. For instance, the Waifoi-Warimak Village is said to be the best place to see the Cendrawasih bird or the Go Village, which is rich in history and is full of wondrous waterfalls and beaches. Besides that, there are other historic natural sites spread in every village, including Kabilol, Beo Village, or Arawai Village. Not only that but there are multiple advantages in the district as the areas are close to each other and are easily accessible. 

With all of these potential advantages, what has the government done to maximize its efficiency?

Actions The Government Has Taken

Currently, BAKTI and Kominfo are building a network transmitter so that the locals of Tiptol Mayalibit would be able to easily access the internet and online facilities. The government also envisions GEMPAR EMAS, a scheme that pushes Raja Ampat’s tourism industry to the forefront, to be implemented. 

The government developmental plans for Raja Ampat include protection of environmental diversity, development of ecotourism and culture, acceleration of the provision of infrastructure, and improving governance, quality of life, and overall facilities. This features plans for various aspects, including the city, village, and border area, infrastructure for water, drainage, waste, education, and many more. 

Government officials themselves have stated that Tiplol Mayalibit is a strategic location that is multifunctional for research and development, tourism, and historical research. Therefore, development must be done carefully with concrete plans because if done otherwise, it would cause environmental damage.

Benefits for West Papua

This modification indicates a cultural change. Not only did Jokowi create a viral moment, but he built and empowered the district. With this newfound exposure and the creation of facilities, many more opportunities may be given to the local population. As seen in the reaction given by other Indonesians, this can contribute to the already established customer base of the tourism industry of Raja Ampat. The developmental plans discussed previously can come in handy, especially when combined with the newfound popularity of Tiplol Mayalibit. Not only will it boost the local economy, but it will also improve the livelihood of the locals.

With this increased access to the internet, the benefits reaped from Raja Ampat’s tourism industry can be equally distributed to the citizens. Not only that, but through the provision of facilities like the ones mentioned, it gives more autonomy to the locals by letting them have their freedom in means of production. Therefore, giving them incentives to cultivate their economy more effectively.

This increased exposure can also give them more opportunities when it comes to equality in representation, education, and the right to information. Sociologically, this means that they can enrich themselves with more information and have better resistance when it comes to urgent situations.

Moreover, this is beneficial for Indonesia as well since the equal distribution of access and information would increase efficiency and productivity. Whether through the adding of higher-skilled workers, better contributions made, or expanding potential because there’s more ease in communication and transactional activities between different regions, this is a strategic plan for Tiplol Mayalibit. 

West Papua has a lot of untapped potentials, and the viral video is a real indicator of that fact. The increased attention towards areas like Tiplol Mayalibit is definitely a step towards better development and the increased efficiency of resources. Therefore, it’s important for fellow Indonesians to support fellow citizens, collectively contribute to the area’s success, and continue educating in order to raise awareness. In order to do that, you can always visit our website to learn more about what’s happening in West Papua.