Tops Sights of Biak Island in West Papua for Travelers

When it comes to Biak Island, there are numerous attractions to visit. Domestic tourists and travelers worldwide come to this island to see its beautifulness. Biak has many top sights and offers the best view in West Papua. If you want to spend your holiday in Biak Numfor, here are some recommendations for you!

The Top Destination in Biak Island

1. Samares Blue Lake

Blue Lake Samares is one of the destinations you must visit while in Biak. The main attraction is the blue color with clear water. You can clearly see the small fish swimming from the water’s surface above. It is because the water of this lake is very clear and as blue as crystal clear. Tourists have to travel about one to two hours from the city center to reach this tour.

Arriving at the tourist destination of Biak, you will see the beautiful scenery around. This island is dominated by trees around the lake, which are still calm and beautiful. In addition, you can explore the underwater Telaga Biru Samares by diving and snorkeling. You can also swim or soak in the lake. Furthermore, you can relax while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding scenery.

2. Binsari Cave

A destination that you should not miss is Binsari Cave. This destination is evidence of the atrocities of World War II in the past during the Japanese occupation in West Papua. Binasari Cave became a hiding place for the Japanese invaders to take refuge. However, in 1944, the location of this cave was hit by a bomb by the allied troops. That is why the cave is known as the Japanese Cave.

When visiting the location of this cave, tourists will be treated directly to the ruins of historical relics. You can also find some relics such as the remaining types of ammunition, army helmets, bones of Japanese soldiers, and many more. Not only that, but you can see the beautiful and charming scenery. So, prepare a camera to capture precious moments while in this cave area.

3. Bird Park and Biak Orchid Garden

Nature on the island of Biak has unparalleled beauty. You can visit Bird Park and Biak Orchid Park, well-known conservation areas. This tourist attraction was established in 1984 to preserve and protect species of birds that are starting to become extinct. In addition, this destination is also helpful as an educational tourism object (conservation education and research).

Visitors can see many types of birds and orchids when entering this area. You can find rare birds, such as Mambruk Nuri, Cassowary, Black Cockatoo, Cenderawasih, and many more in West Papua. If you like orchids, you can find more than 100 species in this national park area. Some are Black Orchid, King Orchid, Moon Orchid, Kribo Orchid, etc.

4. Bosnik Beach

In the lowlands, visitors can come to the beautiful beaches of Bosnik Beach. This beach is a popular destination among local and foreign travelers. Besides being known as Bosnik Beach, this island is also known as Segara Indah Beach. When you set foot on the beach area, you will see the beauty of a unique landscape that is incomparable.

In addition to seeing the stunning natural beauty, you can try exciting activities while in the beach area. The calm waves are one of the reasons why you should do activities on the beach. You can notice beautiful coral reefs at the Bosnik site by snorkeling. In addition, you can enjoy the view of the sunset sinking in the late afternoon.

5. Wafsarak Waterfall

The next destination that you can visit is Wafsarak Waterfall in West Papua. The location of this waterfall is not far from the center of Biak City. You only need to travel about 2.5 kilometers using transportation. This waterfall has 10 meters of clear and freshwater. You can swim and play around the waterfall in Biak Numfor.

6. Bukit Satu

Bukit Satu is another tourist destination for young travelers to get the best spots to take pictures. You can visit the Biak Numfor tourist attraction because of the extraordinary beauty of the landscape. Travelers who come to this tour never reserve precious moments with background photos of green natural scenery. In addition, you can also find towering hills.

The location of Bukit Satu is very strategic because it is only 2.5 kilometers from the city center of Biak. It is one of the alternative Biak tourist attractions that many tourists visit. The best time you can choose to visit this hilly area is at night. When night falls, you can see the beautiful scenery with the twinkling of the interrupted lights in West Papua.

Traveling in Biak Numfor becomes more exciting if you prepare various aspects – tourist destinations, transportation, and budget. If you still haven’t decided which destination to choose, don’t worry. Many tourist attraction options include Bukit Satu, Wafsarak Waterfall, Bosnik Beach, Biak Orchid Garden and Bird Park, Binsari Cave, and Samares Blue Lake.