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Developing Sustainable Tourism in West Papua

Tourism development in West Papua

Talking about travel and tourism in Indonesia, West Papua has undeniably attractive places to visit. Whether for local or foreign tourists. The beauty of nature in West Papua has become more popular, and such an addiction to visit more than once. That’s why tourism development there should be managed properly.

You don’t have to go far seeking happiness. As long as you can visit West Papua, then you can see a lifetime of happiness there.

The Purpose of Developing Sustainable Tourism in West Papua

It aims to increase the awareness of local people that their places have the potential to increase their economy and quality of life. Also, tourists will no doubt visit West Papua if the government has done tourism development, related institutions, and local people. One thing that can be developed is sustainable tourism there. 

As we can see, one of the most beautiful places in West Papua is Raja Ampat.[1] We all agree that the beauty and exotism of Raja Ampat have a place in everyone’s hearts. People tend to go to Raja Ampat not only to do water sports but also to heal the mind since the view is indeed breathtaking.

Therefore, although access is still difficult to go there – compared to other destinations in Indonesia – many tourists, whether local or foreign, insist on going there. 

The Attractive Places in West Papua

Besides Raja Ampat, there are still other breathtaking places in West Papua that are worthy of visiting. For instance, Teluk Cenderawasih National Park, Framu Lake, Arfak Mountain, Mount Meja, and many more. All of them are the potential as the next breakthrough destinations in West Papua.

As we know, the mountain in West Papua is different from the mountain area on Java Island. The view, tracking area, and ecosystem are unique, exotic, and unforgettable. Also, the tourists can learn about new cultures as well. So, it is not only beneficial for the local people, but also the visitors. 

Moreover, if the government applied the program of sustainable tourism, because it is not only about the beauty and amazing views but also about saving and protect the ecosystem and nature there, so, besides visiting and enjoying the atmosphere, the tourists would be involved in protecting nature for the sake of themselves.

Also, the West Papua travel agency and tour guide there can offer various places to visit for tourists, especially for the tourism working group. If Raja Ampat is too common or expensive, there are many alternative places to visit. They can choose a mountain, lake, or island with mesmerizing views and culture. 

So, West Papua is not about Raja Ampat only. And sustainable tourism campaigns can be done evenly across the province. 

What Government Do for Sustainable Tourism

As the responsible institution, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy vigorously creates various campaigns for sustainable tourism in Papua. The government has made some programs to push potential places in West Papua. 

1. Gercep, Geber, Gaspol

Sandiaga Uno, as the Ministry creates Gercep (Gerak Cepat), Geber (Gerak Bersama), and Gaspol (Gali Semua Potensi Lapangan Kerja).[2] It collaborates with local governments to increase regional development and raise the quality of life for people there. 


Moreover, the local government started to implement a program called SINAKODA (Sinergitas Pusat dan Daerah berbasis Inovasi, Adaptasi, dan Kolaborasi).[3] This program aims to reach high-quality destinations, sustainable and integrated tourism. 

By making various programs and campaigns for developing sustainable tourism in Papua, especially West Papua, it hopes there will be more jobs for the people. Also, the government from central and regional areas should always have one purpose. The main purpose is to raise tourism in West Papua through its sustainability.

Last but not least, the people, especially locals, should keep their environment healthy and green after this tourism development is built. The ecosystem, nature, and everything in between should balance. 

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