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Tourism in Papua: Must-visit Destinations in West Papua

Tourism in Papua

Tourism in West Papua has risen since Raja Ampat became one of the world’s most popular diving spots. It developed West Papua from infrastructural aspects and affected various sectors of the economy. Papua is becoming known, and people who have been there immediately fall in love with its charm.

Why should You Visit West Papua?

West Papua is surrounded by beautiful shores, mountains, crystal lakes, gorgeous rain forests, and gushing waterfall. They are away from the hustle and bustle because they’ve been untouched by civilization. In West Papua, you’ll meet generous Papuans who show you the beautiful scenery of their land.

Tourism in Papua is suitable for those who love diving. You will be thrilled to see Raja Ampat Island—no wonder why they called it ‘Heaven on Earth—where the crystal waters are full of colorful coral reefs and many kinds of marine life.

Moreover, West Papua is a perfect place in terms of culture. You can visit native tribes while getting a glimpse at their cave paintings’ unique art or wood carving. You can also bring some Papuan wood carving home by buying it in a souvenir shop.

Getting to West Papua and exploring around the island will take so much time. It’s not easy to reach, but it’s worth it.

What makes tourism in Papua special is every activity that you do will be an unforgettable and worthwhile experience. Here are the must-visit destinations in West Papua for your next holiday!


Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is one of the most popular tourism in Papua that consists of several tropical islands, hundreds of tiny islands, and a magnificent landscape. The name ‘Raja Ampat’ comes from a local myth called ‘The Four Kings’. The Four Kings refer to the Raja Ampat’s biggest islands: Batanta, Salawati, Waigeo, and Misool.

Located in The Coral Triangle that includes Papua, East Timor, Philippines, Malaysia, and the Solomon Islands, Raja Ampat has become a major destination for those who love diving. It offers crystal clear water and colorful coral reefs, as well as many diversity of marine life.

You can also explore the land and visit its ancient cave. Spot the tribal cave paintings, and if you’re lucky enough, you will see the fabled Bird of Paradise.

Cenderawasih Bay Marine National Park

Cenderawasih Bay Marine National Park, also well known as Taman Teluk Cenderawasih, is the largest marine national park in Southeast Asia consisting of 18 islands that stretch along the lovely shoreline. It is located in Cenderawasih Bay, around 2 hours from Nabire Regency.

Cenderawasih Bay is a great place for divers to explore the beauty beneath the waves. It’s teeming with countless unique and exotic marine biota undisturbed by human activity, from colorful coral reefs, marine turtles, dolphins, blue whales, and the majestic whale shark.

People also come here for hiking, trekking, and exploring the islands to see the exotic birds. The most popular islands to visit in Cenderawasih Bay Marine National Park are Auri Island, Rumberpon Island, and Wairondi Island.

Kaimana Island

Kaimana Island is a regency in the south of West Papua that is well known as the best diving spot in the Coral Triangle is the Triton Bay. It takes 1,5 hours from the city.

Kaimana Island is a Marine Protected Area, part of the Bird’s Head Seascape. It’s a home for various rare marine biota more than any other places in the world. No wonder Kaimana Island is often called The Kingdom of Fishes. You will find plentiful lush and colorful coral reefs, dolphins, manta rays, seahorses, marlin fish, sea turtles, and whale sharks.

Not only famous for its marine creatures, but Kaimana Island is also well known for its legendary sunsets. There’s even a song about it, titled ‘Senja di Kaimana’, to describe the stunning sunset. At the same time, the sun will burst into many shades of red and orange. It’s breathtaking scenery that anyone should capture in pictures.

If you want to get around this hidden paradise, you can rent a boat from a local fisherman or contact the local tour agency.

Biak Island

Biak Island (Pulau Biak in Indonesian) is a famous town in West Papua in terms of historical place. Explore the Cenderawasih Museum to see the artifacts and collections from World War II. Some of them include old tanks, landing ships, jeeps, ammunition, and human bones. In this museum, you can also see the unique wood carvings and taxidermy collection of exotic animals in West Papua.

Another spot that you won’t miss is visiting the stunning rock formations in Urfu and Samber. End your fascinating journey in Biak by eating local food.


West Papua is a wonderful place to visit because it always offers unique experiences for its visitors. The government is currently working to develop infrastructure to support tourism in Papua. Therefore, it is possible that the tourists can visit the ‘Paradise on Earth’ more accessible, and the number of tourists will highly increase from day to day.

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