Tourism in West Papua: Exclusive Destinations You Can Visit

Are you interested in finding another recommendation for your holiday? How about exploring the jungle of West Papua? Or go diving into the blue sea? Well, there is no reason to say no to the destination of the tourism in West Papua.

There is no destination that looks as wild as West Papua. With flourishing forest and greenish jungle, it has amazing things to offer. Let’s say the stunning birdlife you can go for birding, or just go diving to the immaculate coral reefs.

Well, that would be the one of the paradise you can find on the earth. If you have no idea which destinations you’re going to list, below we cover some of the remarkable places anyone should visit when entering West Papua.

Why Should You Visit West Papua?

Then why do we recommend you to visit this place rather than others? Well, here are the reasons:

  1. Finding Incredible Views

Incredible views you’ll find in any spot of tourism in West Papua will look different than any other destinations. There are multiple places that offer an outstanding landscape surrounded by cats, shoals, or archipelagos like Raja Ampat.

  1. Diving with Sharks

Who said you can’t swim with sharks? It will all possibly happen when I come to visit West Papua. Numerous whale sharks live there and anyone can go swimming with them! Some places like Cenderawasih or Kwatisore Bay will be the best place to experience this.

  1. Sailing in Paradise Islands

Raja Ampat is not only the perfect place to closely touch by going swimming or diving, but when you’re standing from the top, you’ll see all the entire small islands as part of this archipelago. Just go to hop and take a cruising time and sail from one island to another as part of the journey tourism.

Destination of Tourism in West Papua

So how about the destinations themselves? Well, we can say all the stunning places in West Papua, but below we cover you the best of the best spots you’ll regret not going there!

  1. Raja Ampat

As we mentioned before, Raja Ampat may be the best destination most people in the world want to visit. As located and being the part of spot tourism in West Papua.

This place will be the best choice for those who want to enjoy their honeymoon or experience the outdoor activity. With so much untouched rainforest, there you can also find clear sand and turquoise seas.

  1. Cenderawasih Bay Marine National Park

Another place that looks no less beautiful is Cenderawasih Bay Marine National Park. This place also called Taman Teluk Cenderawasih, the tourism-destination that has wide marine-park with pretty coastline stretched along. There are about 18 different islands that make the landscape look astonishing!

  1. Fak Fak

Those who seek for the picturesque hills, you can put Fak Fak as the next destination of tourism in West Papua. Fak Fak may not be as big as another city in West Papua, but this place is still worth visiting. There is a road named Jalan Izaak Telussa where you can go for a walk to have amazing sights from there.

  1. Lorentz National Park

Lorentz National Park is not only one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but also the home of well-known mountain, Puncak Jaya. For tourists or especially birdwatchers, this place will be the perfect spot to do bird-watching activity.

Others can also go trekking or mountaineering to the mount of Puncak Jaya. Are you planning to visit West Papua? Unlike any other travel destinations in Indonesia, some of spot tourism in West Papua offer different views as it still looks virgin and undisturbed.


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