6 Top Tourist Destinations in Manokwari to Visit

tourist destinations in manokwari

Manokwari has a rich Christian heritage and has played an important role in the development of Christianity across Indonesia. Additionally, the city is home to several must-see attractions. There are numerous beautiful tourist destinations in Manokwari worth visiting once in a lifetime.

The city, located far to the east of Sorong, has unparalleled scenic splendor. It is a nice break from the hectic pace of urban life. The good news is that you can walk to these tourist hotspots from your Manokwari hotel, making day trips a breeze.

1. Lake Anggi

Lake Anggi - tourist destinations in manokwari

Lake Anggi is one of the 10 tallest lakes in Indonesia, located 1,953 meters above sea level, with temperatures ranging from 8 to 20 degrees Celsius. The lake is 110 kilometers from Manokwari and can be visited in four to five hours.

This lake’s beautiful, placid water is a sight to behold-a lengthy expanse of fine, white sand along the lake’s edge. However, the terrain is so challenging that only a select few vehicles can reach this area. Hence, visitor numbers are still low.

2. Mansinam Island

Mansinam Island

Mansinam Island is about 6 kilometers from Manokwari. It takes just around 15 minutes by boat to get to the island. Thousands of Papuans from over the island gather here on February 5 to celebrate the anniversary of Ottow and Geissler’s arrival.

The two Germans came to Mansinam Island to preach the gospel to the locals. A cross-shaped memorial with an inscription honoring the contributions of Ottow and Geissler may be seen only a few kilometers before reaching the anchorage off Mansinam Island.

3. Bakaro Beach

Bakaro Beach - tourist destinations in manokwari

One of Manokwari’s most well-known beach destinations is Bakaro Beach. The soothing ocean wind and ambient wave noise will make you feel right at home as you take your time appreciating this scene.

Bakaro Beach is famous for its stunning scenery and relatively mild surf. In addition, there is a line of trees that provides a welcome shade right next to the water’s edge. Your destination is just a three-kilometer drive away from the city’s heart.

4. Doreri Bay

Doreri Bay

Long ago, Doreri Bay served as a gateway for Christian missionaries to enter Manokwari and spread the Good News. The underwater scenery of Doreri Bay is a major draw for visitors.

Divers and snorkelers are drawn to the undersea world’s pristine conditions and colorful coral reefs. This area is home to a stunning array of coral reefs, and many of the reef varieties found here can be found nowhere else on Earth.

5. Arfak Mountains


Mountaineers go to the Arfak Mountains to scale Mount Arfak, the range’s namesake and highest peak. Manokwari may be seen from its summits. Fun fact: Snowfall is visible at the peak sometimes.

The Arfak Mountains are home to various sights and activities, including lakes and vantage places for seeing local avian life. Also, you may witness pristine wilderness and a thriving cultural tradition in the highlands.

6. Maruni Beach


Southern Manokwari is where you will find Maruni Beach, roughly 24 kilometers from the city proper. A trip to this beach should not take more than half an hour—sand and stones of black quartz kind blanket this beach.

You may do various things on this beach, such as fishing, boating, swimming, or just lying back and enjoying the surf and wind. You may take a breather in the highlands outside of Manokwari and see the neatly lined buildings housing government offices.

Final Words

From marine tourism to hiking, there is no end to a trip to Manokwari. Whenever you crave a quick getaway from your dull daily life, these tourist destinations in Manokwari will always be there for you.

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