Expedition The Dutch Traders Landing History in Papua

traders landing

VOC traders landing in Papua seemed like something that could’ve increased the well-being of Papua people. The history was quite interesting, though.

The superiority of Dutch people back then was surely something, especially during colonialism and tyranny.

You will find more information about the history of traders landing in Indonesia, especially in Papua.

What is VOC?

VOC is an abbreviation of a company from Dutch – Verenigde Oost Indische Compagnie. The meaning is simply a trading company of the East Indies Union.

This trading company had a dream to monopolize trading activities in Asia.

Other than being a trading company, VOC was also the first multinational company that introduced stock distributions.

One of the biggest stock owners was Isaac Le Maire, an investor and trader with Jewish and Belgium ancestries.

VOC was quite exclusive because they had plenty of exclusivities – from its own currency to a full-size army.

It was also the reason why this company could invade various countries as they like.

VOC Expedition in Indonesia

Indonesia was famous for its spice productions. It was also the reason why countries and traders landing in Indonesia.

Before the Dutch expedition was started in this country, British and Chinese traders had competed on the scene.

Banten, on the other hand, was the first place those traders stepped their feet on.

However, Banten did not bring much for VOC. They later widened their networks by bringing more ships to Indonesia.

Two years after Banten, the presence of VOC in Indonesia explored the country – they went to Maluku to grab chests of spice.

Of course, it triggered unhealthy competition among the European markets.

The presence of VOC was like a state within a state. This was because even though this company was part of the Dutch, it had all the exclusivities and resources like another country.

VOC could even declare war and sign agreements with other countries.

1. Dutch Invasion in Papua

After sailing and exploring the east side of Indonesia, VOC wouldn’t stop on one island.

A decade after Banten, this company found a mountain that possessed tons of copper and gold deposits – it is what we know as Jaya Wijaya Peak today.

Inhabiting villages in Papua was not an easy task. Even though they initially could reach the shore of Papua, many things forced the group to fight more in the first place.

Papua was covered with dense jungles. The company was reaching through its shores.

However, this island was such a mystery. Besides malaria, the Dutch were worried about cannibalism of the tribespeople.

50 years later, Papua was officially part of the Dutch colony as well as West Papua. VOC as a trader continued their activities to treasure the natural resources.

2. Why did the Dutch Want Papua So Badly?

There were plenty of reasons why the Dutch through VOC wanted Papua so badly.

Other than due to the traders landing story, this company wanted to maintain their control towards the Jaya Wijaya Peak that came with plenty of precious metal resources.

Other than that, the Dutch had an image of a small country with a large territory. Yet, it became another issue when the social and political conflicts arise.

More than anything, the history of Dutch and the country’s traders landing story were quite interesting yet traumatizing for locals.

Puncak Jaya Wijaya or the Carstensz Pyramid was something VOC didn’t want to lose out in power.

That mountain saves tons of copper and gold deposits. Today, that place is mined by Freeport.

And that’s a wrap – this is everything you need to know about the traders landing in Papua or how VOC was taking over this island back then.

Today, plenty of interesting things can be found in Papua.