Information That You Need to Know About Trikora Peak

Trikora Peak

Trikora Peak is one of the highest mountain peaks in Indonesia and is located in Papua.

This mountain has its own uniqueness that you certainly cannot find in other mountains in various parts of the world. In addition, many climbers make this place to fulfill their climbing hobby.

The Uniqueness of Trikora Peak

As you already know, Trikora Peak has its own uniqueness that can amaze many local and foreign people. Because of its height, many climbers are challenged to reach the top from the Trikora.

To find out more about its uniqueness, see the explanation below!

1. The Height of the Mountain

There is a high-altitude peak in the West Papua area, bro. Trikora Peak is the name of the peak.

This mountain, also known as Ettiakup, is exceedingly picturesque and has a great natural appeal. Trikora Peak stands approximately 4,751 meters above sea level.

This is one of the mountains you will have to climb as a mountain climber in the future. During the Dutch colonial era, this mountain was known as Wilhelminatop.

Trikora Peak itself has Dipterocarp Hill forest, Upper Dipterocarp forest, Montane forest, and Ericaceours forest.

2. Natural Beauty Around

The mountainous area of Trikora has a lot of natural beauty around it. You can enjoy the various beauty of the place from the top of the height.

Guaranteed, fatigue after climbing will disappear quickly after seeing this beauty. Here are famous destinations around it!

3. Habema Lake

Lake Habema’s original name is Yuginopa, and the name Habema is derived from the name of a Dutch officer,

Lieutenant Habema, who accompanied the expedition team to the summit of Trikora in 1909. Lake Habema conceals a magnificent sight.

The meadows are vast, and indigenous vegetation like ant homes and black orchids will not disappoint. To be able to enjoy the beauty of this lake more closely,

Make sure to wear thick clothes because the temperature is quite low. During the day, the temperature around the lake reaches 8 degrees and down to 0 degrees at night.

4. Enjoy the Beauty of Birds

If you want to enjoy vacation time with family or friends so that your vacation becomes more meaningful and enjoyable, you can enjoy the birds singing around the lake.

It is starting from the endemic birds of West Papua, namely paradise and many others.

You can relax while sipping warm coffee to kill the cold weather piercing your skin along with the birds singing along to enjoy the atmosphere around them.

This can be a place to relax your mind from fatigue and urban bustle. In fact, here you can also see the dense fog covering the lake.

5. The Diversity of the Surrounding Tribes

Papua is famous for being a province that still has a lot of well-maintained customs, cultural diversity, and tribes. Lake Habema is one of the places where most tribes from Papua live.

Generally, these tribes live in the area around Lake Habema. There are seven tribes in this place, namely Dani, Yali, Amungme, Sempan, Nduga, and Asmat.

In addition, the protected forest in the lake is also the largest in Asia.

Inside it stores many rare animals, such as birds, and other animals with new species that only exist in Papua. Not only the diversity of animals but also rare plants exist in this forest.

Thus the information related to Trikora Peak that you can use as an illustration if you want to climb this mountain.

Make sure to prepare everything you need so that later you will not be inconvenienced or hampered during the climbing process. Do not forget to preserve the nature around you.