Trip to West Papua: 6 Amenities You Can Get in Arborek Homestay

Arborek Homestay

Arborek Homestay

Arborek Tourism Village is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Raja Ampat. The place offers nine different homestays with the concept of an Overwater Bungalow. You can enjoy the perfect view of the sea from there. Arborek homestay provides several facilities for visitors with the usual cost of around IDR 300.000 – 450.000 per night. It might cost more depending on your personal request if any.

The village is so famous because of the beautiful snorkeling and diving spots. To those who love the sea, snorkeling or diving in the area might be the best choice for you. The scenery below the surface has many colorful yet soft corals, schools of fish, and manta rays. The local guide will accompany you to see the manta rays.

Not only the beauty of the sea and sunset of the village, but the local people are also friendly and approachable in general. You can play around with the children who play near the dock or have a conversation with the local people at the community living places.

The local people are skilled in handicrafts. The signature souvenirs include woven sling bags called Noken, woven hats in the form of a manta ray, and woven baskets called Bayay. You can request a class to learn traditional handicrafts. If you want, the community provides some traditional dance classes, too.

6 Amenities You Can Get in Arborek Homestay

In providing the most hospitable welcome, the village’s homestay has several facilities for local or foreign visitors. Make sure that you search for the necessary information related to the homestay, its services, and the attractions provided by the tour package. Now, what are the amenities for you to enjoy in the homestay?

  1. Restaurant at Arborek Homestay

Some homestays in Arborek offer a restaurant service. If you are unsure whether one offers this service or not, you can put in a request about this. Some homestays prefer to receive your notice days before arrival so that they can prepare the food for you. From this, they will provide breakfast for you every day.

  1. Pet’s House

You do not need to worry if you are someone who loves to travel with your beloved dog, cat, bird, or others. Homestays in Arborek allow visitors to bring their pets. They also provide the pet’s house if you do not want to put your pet inside the bedroom. 

  1. Bedroom Facility

There is only one type of room in the homestay: one with two single beds, four pillows, a chair, a table, and a kelambu (to prevent mosquitos bite). Both beds have colorful covers. Through the window, you can directly see the sea.

  1. Laundry

Some homestays provide laundry services. However, there might be an additional fee depending on the total weight or type of clothes. 

  1. Receptionist 24/7

Homestays Receptionist in Arborek provides 24 hours service. The receptionist will greet visitors, give you the invoice, help you navigate through the place, and supply any necessary requests. Should you have a concern regarding the place, they are always ready to give a suitable response.

  1. Outdoor Activities

When you take a step outside of the room, there will be a spot or terrace to enjoy the scenery. The spot has several chairs and tables for you and your companions if you want to rest while sightseeing. Also, you can use their BBQ equipment in Saonek.

Are you planning a trip to Arborek island in Raja Ampat soon? Do not forget to check the information if you want to rest at Arborek Homestay. Some homestays might have different services, but these six amenities are always present.