Triton Bay Beach: The Underwater Paradise in West Papua

Triton Bay Beach
Sumber : Sport Diver

Triton Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in West Papua. Even some tourists call it as the lost paradise. Many people think that the beauty looks like a painting, an art. It’s also considered a hidden gem since it’s slightly hidden in Kaimana regency, West Papua, surrounded by several small islands and towering reefs. If you like a quiet and serene vacation, this is the perfect destination for you. 

Triton Bay Beach
Sumber : Sport Diver

What you can find?

It’s called the underwater paradise in West Papua for a reason: its marine biodiversity. According to marine biota experts, this area consists of 937 species of marine fish from around the world. Interestingly, some of the species are new species that only live in the Kaimana region. Not only the fish, the reefs are also endemic, only found in Kaimana region. It’s a perfectly healthy environment for the marine creatures, so 27 types of lobster shrimp  and 16 types of green turtles also inhabit the underwater world. 

Aside from the underwater world, some interesting sightings around the beach are karst cliffs and a few camps of fishermen. The waters are loaded with nutrients, resulting in a spectacular profusion of underwater biodiversity. The downside is extremely variable visibility, in water that is often greener than blue: from poor (5m) to fair (15m) for indoor sites, from good (20m) to excellent (25m and more) for sites further out to the open sea. 


Corals and fishes

Here, there is a speed boat that is ready to take around to the fairyland that our parents always tell us about. These corals are amazing combined with the blue color of the water. And the cool breeze blows against the skin. You can find fluffy forests of black coral, explosion of bright colours of soft corals, huge tables of hard coral, jacks on the hunt, giant whirlpools of fusiliers and surgeons, gaterins, carpet sharks (wobbegongs), swarms of glass fish, seahorses-pygmies galore, mini cuttlefish and mini octopus photogenic (wonderpus), harlequin shrimps, nudibranchs, and many more.


Get acquainted with whales

Want to get acquainted with whale sharks, it’s possible. In fact, you can stroke their slightly rough skin. A rare sight and experience. You can also hold the body of the whale while riding a speedboat.



You can fish for some cute and adorable fish. If you don’t bring a fishing rod, the beach already provides fishing equipment that can be rented at a fairly friendly price.


How to get there

Triton Bay is located in Saria, Kaimana District, Kaimana Regency, West Papua. It’s slightly difficult to get to this area is a little difficult because the flight to Kaimana is only available only once a few days. The schedule can change at any time. It is located near Lobo Village. 

Utarum Airport is the main gateway to the Triton Bay area. After reaching this area, you can travel by government ship with a travel time of approximately 3 hours. If you can’t wait to arrive there faster, you can take a speedboat with a travel time of only 1.5 hours. With a rental fee ranging from Rp4 to 5 million. Pick the alternative that suits you best.


Approximate Expenses

When we talk about travelling to the Eastern part of Indonesia, especially West Papua, you better prepare lots of money. Airlines from Jakarta to Papua alone are expensive, let alone flying from Papua to Kaimana. If you want to stay over for a night or some nights, the lodging price starts from Rp700,000. So, if you add up the estimated cost is Rp5 to 7 million.

However, there’s a trick to get lower accommodation fee or even free accommodation fee. Papuans are very friendly people, especially the residents in Lobo Village. If you’re able to mingle with the natives, you can stay at a house even for free. Especially in Lobo village. In addition to Lobo Village, lodging is also available in Kaimana City with prices starting from Rp500,000.

Considering the experience you’ll get, paying a visit to Triton Bay Beach when you’re travelling to West Papua is going to be a wonderful vacation. Sure, it costs a lot of money, but once you get there, it’ll be paid off.