Triton Bay West Papua, Superior Discover “True Hidden Gem”

Triton Bay Beach
Sumber: Sport Diver

Triton Bay West Papua is one of the bays in the waters that enter the Kaimana Regency, West Papua. “The confessions of several people that I have invited to Triton Bay after Raja Ampat, they say, it is more beautiful here,” said the Regent of Kaimana, Matias Mairuma.

Triton Bay Beach
Source: Sport Diver

A Glance of Triton Bay West Papua 

Kaimana is known as a tourist destination that is a paradise for divers. The beauty of underwater life is the first reason the location is worth visiting. This area is a gathering place for 937 species of marine fish worldwide. The aquatic ecosystem is terrific and still well preserved.

Many researchers have always taken the time to come there for research purposes. They say that many new types of fish have just been discovered in Triton Bay West Papua

Triton Bay, Paradise for Marine Biota Researchers in Papua

Some tourists call this area the lost paradise. No exaggeration indeed, this place bears such a designation. Because the first time you set foot here, one word that will come out instantly is “wow.” Everything in front of the eyes is like a painting painted by a famous painter in the world.

According to marine biota experts, this area consists of 937 species of saltwater fish from around the world. Interestingly, some species are new species that only live in the Kaimana region.

Therefore, it is not an exaggeration, isn’t it, if many visiting researchers enjoy and conduct research and call it the lost paradise. Well, this new species does not only apply to fish species. The researchers also said there are also types of coral reefs that are new species.

Attractions of Triton Bay West Papua

Triton Bay West Papua has soft coral, and whale sharks are looking for food. The event will also transport native friends back to the prehistoric era. The mountains that seem to be tomorrow are like pictures of the palms of animals and humans. This area is lovely.

A speed boat is waiting here to take you to the magical land our parents told us about as children. These corals are impressive, combined with the blue color of the water. And the cool breeze blows against the skin. If it’s like this, I’m already amazed. 

Want to get acquainted with whale sharks? It’s possible. You can stroke their slightly rough skin. Tourists rarely get this view and experience when they travel to other bays. You can hold the body of this fish while on a speedboat in addition to being in the water.

Here you can also fish for some adorable fish. If you forget to bring a fishing rod, you can rent fishing gear nearby for a reasonable fee.

Bottom Line

Triton Bay West Papua has a charm that I don’t know what to say. Because the color of this sky will turn into an unusual color, its appeal can melt the eyes and instantly hypnotize all tourists. This radiance of the sky makes native friends feel like they are in an eternal paradise whose beauty will never die.