Try These Out! 3 Adventurous Areas for Surfing in West Papua

Surfing in West Papua

Surfing in West Papua

Are you someone who loves to surf but do not like the crowd? Surfing in West Papua means you will get exactly what you want! The region offers many amazing beaches with quality breaks but less to no crowding area.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned surfer. Beaches in West Papua get you covered with different kinds of breaks. Furthermore, you can enjoy the superb and colorful coral reefs underwater. Here are some recommended surfing spots in the region.

3 Adventurous Areas for Surfing in West Papua

To you who love surfing. Below is the list of 3 areas you can visit in West Papua. Dare to test your surfing skills?

1. Pantai Amban or Amban Beach

Pantai Amban is located northeast of the Doberai Peninsula or Bird’s Head Peninsula, West Papua. The beach is 8 kilometers from the city center of Manokwari Regency. There is a distance of about 23 kilometers if you start your trip from Pantai Pasir Putih.

This beach is the perfect spot for beginner and seasoned surfers. Its waves are high, reaching up to 2 meters. The area around the beach is still relatively secluded. There are no places that provide rental surfing equipment. Thus, you have to bring your gear.

Another critical point, after the surf, you can just relax or explore the nearby tropical forests. The beach area is peaceful. There is no considerable crowd bustling about. Simply sitting on the seashore and waiting for the setting sun, you can forget about the stressful, mundane life.

2. Pantai Abasi or Beach Abasi

The second popular spot for surfing in West Papua is Pantai Abasi. Known as Pantai Sau Abbas Abasi, the beach is located at the east end of Manokwari Regency.

The distance from downtown Manokwari to the beach is around 9 kilometers. To go there, you need to get on a ride using public transportation or motorcycle taxis available in the Terminal of Manokwary to Kampung Abasi.

Pantai Abasi is an excellent place for both beginners and experienced surfers. It has big and high waves all year round. Starting from October to March, local and foreign surfers like to visit the beach and try out its high breaks. Note that you need to bring your surfboard because the rental places provide a limited number of them.

Near the beach, there are many homestays managed by the locals. Just ask the residents if you want to stay for days. Also, the village’s children are familiar with surfing on the beach. You can request their service to guide you to fantastic surfing spots. If you are a beginner at surfing, you can also ask for short courses from the children.

3. Tanjung Bakaro

Tanjung Bakaro is located in Sunswesi Village, on the north coast of Manokwari Regency. It takes about 36 minutes to go to Tanjung Bakaro from Rendani Airport. The distance is approximately 17 kilometers.

Tanjung Bakaro is close to Pasir Putih Beach, with a distance of only 3 kilometers. It is recommendable to use motorcycle taxis to go to the area. However, you can also take a car.

Tanjung Bakaro, located on the north coast of the region, is directly facing the Pacific Ocean. One of the best surfing spots within the area is Pinto Angin, or the Gate of Winds. The waves are high and quite dangerous, reaching several meters in height. That is why this place is only for experienced surfers.

Surfing in West Papua will give you a new brand of experience. The region offers many remarkable beaches with quality breaks. The three surfing spots (Pantai Amban, Pantai Abasi, and Tanjung Bakaro) are the best in the Manokwari Regency. However, do not forget to bring your surfboard, wetsuit, leash, fins, and wax.