Understanding Epicenter of Diversity in The West Papua Ocean

Understanding Epicenter of Diversity in The West Papua Ocean

Papua is a province often referred to as a piece of heaven that fell to Earth. This is not unreasonable since West Papua has rich natural resources, especially in its territorial waters. As reported, this area is a center of diversity in the world’s oceans. There are many things you can learn from the variety of the Papua Ocean. Here is the information for you!

Biodiversity in Papua Ocean

Papua’s waters contain more types of fish and corals than anywhere else in the world. In fact, there are more than thousands of fish species and marine biodiversity in Papua’s waters. If totaled as a whole, this amount is equivalent to 75 percent of all species on earth. All this because there are natural factors that influence it.

Its complex ocean currents can provide a diverse habitat collection of limestone islands. It allows waters to connect to the wider Indo-Pacific and carry marine life across the oceans. There’s many life creatures in Papua’s oceans – see-through commensal shrimp, batfish, silversides, hovering barracudas, banded trevallies, giant manta rays, etc.

In part between land and sea, mangrove forests are one of the things that regulate climate and species diversity. If you look closely under the mangrove for a few minutes, a nursery is hidden in the mangrove roots. Juveniles of all species seek refuge under these perfectly crafted mangrove roots. As a result, mangroves are protected from currents, predators, weather, and storms.

Since its stunning site in the area of Coral Triangle, West Papua has unique circumstances between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. The island in eastern Indonesia has become a home to the world’s richest marine biodiversity that is odd. Even a Nature Conservancy and Conservation International survey says that half the world’s marine species live here.

Diversity of Diving in the Papua Sea

The beauty of Papua is impressive and consistent in modern times. The Papuan Sea is full of wonders – both on land and underwater. More than 1,427 species of fish, 700 types of mollusks, and 550 different species of corals have made this a significant center for marine life. It is one of the best locations to see a wide variety of marine life in their natural habitat.

When diving in Papuan waters, you don’t have to go far into the middle of the water. Just explore the shallow waters if you want to snorkel to see small species and coral reefs. But if you want more, come to popular sites to see the wonders of the West Papua Ocean. You can swim with species in the Papuan sea safely and pleasantly because of the calm water currents.

Fascinating Species Found While Diving Papuan Waters

1. Black Manta

Having a unique location in the middle of the Coral Triangle, Papua’s waters are home to substantial coral colonies. Due to high sea temperatures throughout the year, biodiversity is likely to occur in Papua. As a result, Papua has the richest coral reef ecosystem globally, making it the best place for diving.

Some interesting species you can find while in the waters of Papua. One that can be seen up close is the Black Manta. This stingray has a dark top side and a white underside that tends to be lighter. It is the image you can see when you get close to a black manta ray. To enjoy the diversity in West Papua, you can dive with a professional guide.

3. Mantis Shrimp

In addition to manta rays, it turns out that there is another wealth that you can find through the waters of Papua, namely shrimp. In fact, there are more than eight species of shrimp in Papuan waters that can be found. Mantis shrimp is one of the endemic species that characterize this area. Hence, they are becoming a widespread attraction besides the choice of manta rays.

The nature of this shrimp is aggressive, with sharp claws that have hostile behavior. Because of its nature, many local divers have nicknamed the thumbs-up. On the other hand, the mantis shrimp is a beautiful sight due to their vibrant colors. Interestingly, this shrimp can grow well in Papuan waters up to a length of 12 cm.

3. Pygmy Seahorse

Not only can you see shrimp, but you can also find unique seahorses. In the waters of Papua, you can discover pygmy seahorses swimming near coral reefs. When you are diving, this species is a must find. Divers can easily spot three main species – the Pontohi pygmy seahorse, Bargibanti pygmy seahorse, and Denise’s pygmy seahorse.

4. Papuan Eel Park

The Papuan Eel is a species of eel that was first discovered in the waters of West Papua in 2010. They have a supermini body with no more than 60 cm stake. He prefers to live in a group fig while hiding on the seabed or in the sand. If you want to find this species, you have to dive deeper to reach the bottom.

Talking about Papua’s marine diversity will never end because of the natural wealth of marine life. Various species can be seen easily when you dive into the ocean. These things cannot be separated from the unique characteristics of the climate and waters. So, when you visit Papua, don’t miss the fantastic underwater beauty.