Unique West Papua Culinary Must-Try when Visiting

In addition to its natural beauty, you can also find unique West Papua culinary that you can try when on vacation to eastern Indonesia. West Papua is a province in eastern Indonesia.

Like other regions, this province also has a variety of unique things that only exist in this place, such as language, clothing, dances, folk songs, traditional weapons, and of course traditional foods.

Of course, we all agree that regional specialties are one of the main attractions for us to visit a place. The food there is not only an attraction but is a cultural symbol of Papua, especially West Papua.

Although many of their cuisines have been brought to other areas, it will certainly be different from the original there. The typical cuisine of West Papua is not far from seafood.

But apart from that, there are still many West Papuan dishes with unique flavors. You can see the typical dishes of West Papua below.

Papeda is One of Unique West Papua Culinary

Papeda comes from Maluku, Papua, and several areas in Sulawesi, which is a staple food and culinary specialty there. Among the Toraja tribe, this form of food is known as Pogalu or Kapurung.

Papeda is a food in the form of sago porridge which is often eaten with mubara or tuna which is seasoned with turmeric. Papeda is shaped like a gel or paste.

It is widely known in the traditions of the indigenous peoples of Sentani and Abrab in Lake Sentani and Arso, and Manokwari and is present at important traditional events.

Papeda food is also often enjoyed with vegetables prepared from young melinjo leaves or called ganemo vegetables. You need to know that Papeda is not eaten using common cutlery such as spoon or forks.

The trick to eat this unique West Papua culinary is to roll it around the helai, then place it on the hote and eat it with yellow sauce. Helai is a traditional wooden tableware for serving papedas, while hote are wooden plates for eating papedas.

Sentani people call the tradition of eating papeda from the same plate in the same family as ‘mbai helai mbai hote’ or if translated means one cutlery, one plate.

The philosophy is that eating in one family saves a story for the future of children and grandchildren. That’s because of the meal together which marks the family bond as a discussion space between father, mother, and child.

Not only delicious and unique, but papeda is also good for the body because it is made from natural sago flour. A journal states that there are calories, carbohydrates, protein, phosphorus, fat, iron and calcium in sago.

In addition, it also contains vitamins A, B1 and C. Based on these ingredients, sago has benefits as the main source of carbohydrates or staple food, overcoming heartburn, overcoming hardening of the arteries, and flatulence.

Famous Manokwari Grilled Fish

Manokwari is the economic and culinary center of West Papua where you can find various unique West Papua culinary. This city has a variety of foods that are famous to other regions. So, why this food menu is called Manokwari grilled fish?

For the type of fish itself usually use tuna, although other types of fish can also be used. What characterizes Manokwari grilled fish is actually the sambal.

So, the sambal (a combination of chili and spices) is roughly ground, then placed on top of the cooked grilled fish. You can find this food anywhere, be it at roadside stalls, restaurants on the beach, to 5-star restaurants.

If you visit West Papua, don’t forget to taste the regional specialties. Manokwari is the right place to taste a variety of unique West Papua culinary for tourists.




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Description: Manokwari is the right place to taste a variety of unique West Papua culinary for tourists