6 Universities for the Great Academics for West Papua

West Papua
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Every aspect should contribute to each other properly to establish great academics for West Papua. Those aspects can be from the government, society, the education actors, and the good circumstance.

Moreover, The Minister of Education, Nadiem Anwar Makarim, also consider that the academics or education in West Papua will always increase time by time.

It refers to his visitation on February 10th -13th, 2021. Furthermore, the extraordinary academics for West Papua can be built first in universities.

It is because universities may require big involvement for the academic itself. Besides, from universities also, the society can receive some benefits for education in that region.

6 Universities for the Great Academics for West Papua

Regarding the desire for good academics, West Papua has at least six universities for improving education, as the list below:

Papua University (UNIPA)

West Papua
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This university is located on Gn. Salju Street, Amban, West Manokwari, Manokwari District, West Papua. Papua University was established on November, 3rd 2000 and now has 11.338 students per 2020.

This public university is thought to be capable of producing graduates who can make a positive contribution to society. Furthermore, with enough graduates, a good education in West Papua is no longer a pipe dream.

Importantly, UNIPA has formed strategic alliances with some universities and well-known industries both in Indonesia and internationally.

Meanwhile, research collaboration with foreign agencies includes the Australian National University, the British Petroleum Oil Company, and several United Kingdom universities.

Papua Christian University (UKiP)

West Papua
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Good academics for West Papua can also be generated in Papua Christian Universities settled in Sorong, West Papua. By being part of this university, students can understand how to contribute to society.

This private college also offers training programs. It means that everyone, regardless of social status, occupation, or age, has the opportunity to be successful academically. As a result, education in West Papua is very likely to improve over time.

Sorong Victory University

West Papua
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Sorong also has another private college that can establish a good education in West Papua, Sorong Victory University. This private college can be the option for students who intend to continue their field of study.

Furthermore, some faculties are available for the candidate of students as the list below:

  • Faculty of Economics and Business
  • Faculty of Teacher Training and Education
  • Faculty of Computer Science
  • faculty of Social Science and Political Science
  • Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Engineering

Nani Bili Nusantara University

West Papua
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Another university preferable for the great education for the people in Papua is Nani Bili Nusantara University. This university is placed in Aimas, East Sorong, West Papua. 

With two faculties and ten study programs, this university has impacted education development in Papua. It is recommended for the students who will persist in studying.

Sorong Muhammadiyah Education University

West Papua
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West Papua also has Sorong Muhammadiyah Education University that can facilitate students in gaining knowledge. 

This university has four faculties and 24 study programs that can be chosen by the candidate of students in the process of registration. This university also aims at generating the best students for a better education.

STIKES Papua Sorong

West Papua
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The last recommendation comes from STIKES Papua Sorong that is focused on health learning. This college is located on Kanal Victory Street, Klawalu, Sorong City.

To establish a good academic in Papua, this college has at least five study programs in helping students to gain information and also knowledge. 

Those universities are expected to give good academics for West Papua regarding its qualities. Besides, the roles of other aspects, such as government and circumstance, will also help create that good education.