Government Conducts Water Resource Management in West Papua

water resource management in West Papua

Water Resource Management in West Papua – West Papua is a province that has the highest rainfall in Indonesia, making it a place with abundant water to meet the needs of its people.

Therefore, the government and the community carry out water resource management in West Papua to support agriculture.

Water Resource Management in West Papua

The government focuses on the management of water resources in West Papua for agriculture to help people meet their food needs.

The way the government will do is by building dams and irrigation networks. In this case, the government plays an important role in helping improve the management of water resources.

In addition, they are also responsible for maintaining the existence of water in West Papua. The method is to carry out the process of planning, implementing, maintaining, utilizing, and controlling.

Therefore, these resources can last for a long time so as to present sustainable agriculture for future generations.

Besides that, the government also plays a major role in providing good and equitable equipment and irrigation channels to remote villages in West Papua.

Thus, the distribution of water resources can run as expected, so that the poverty rate can be continuously reduced with the aim of increasing the community’s economy.

The Benefits of Water Resource Management in West Papua

The management of water resources in West Papua certainly provides enormous benefits in all aspects for the people and the environment they live in.

Considering that Papua is a province with a high poverty rate. The government hopes that this management can improve people’s welfare. then, what are the benefits?

1. Increasing Food Production

Correct and accurate management of water resources can be carry out by the government to assist in irrigating the intake channels at dams which will be make evenly to remote areas.

Then, the use of the gravity system is also carry out to rinse agricultural land massively.

Thus, the water resources in West Papua can provide significant benefits. To the community in seeking an irrigation system for agriculture.

If this is done correctly, it is very likely that food production, such as rice, can be fulfill properly.

2. Prevents Water Damage

The dam that was build can help the community separate the flow of toxic water. That is affect by mining waste so that it does not damage the contents of the water.

In addition, people also do not need to look for clean water anymore. Therefore, it is important to make the flow so that it is more evenly distribute.

In addition, by preventing water damage, community agriculture can also be more advanced. Because crops are not easily damage or fail to harvest.

Not only that, the agricultural products they consume also do not contain toxins that are harmful to the consuming body.

That was information related to water resource management in West Papua which must be carried out properly by the government and the people in Papua.

Hopefully with this program, Papua will be better in all aspects and on par with other provinces in Indonesia.