Wayag Island in West Papua: Attraction, Activities, and Potential Tourism

Wayag Island in West Papua: Attraction, Activities, and Potential Tourism

Raja Ampat has extraordinary natural beauty in West Papua. Many small islands surround the waters of Raja Ampat. One of the beautiful islands that you can visit is Wayag Island. With a total area of ​​155,000 hectares, the island is famous for its stunning underwater beauty. Although Wayag Island is uninhabited, there are many attractions and tourism potential. Here is the info!

How to Get There

If you schedule a vacation to Wayag Island, you can experience an extraordinary vacation. However, you keep a prolonged route to reach the island. It is because the Wayag Island location is in the West Waigeo area of ​​the Raja Ampat. You need several connecting flights to get to Papua first. Then, it would be best if you continued the journey to Raja Ampat by boat.

In detail, you have to fly to Domine Eduard Osok Sorong Airport first. Sorong is the closest main entrance to Raja Ampat. You can choose from several airlines if you are from Jakarta or Makassar to Sorong. Meanwhile, sea transportation by ship is picked by ship at the Port of Sorong, such as Mount Dempo, Sinabung, Dorolonda, Labobar, and Tatamailau.

After arriving in Sorong, West Papua, you can take a fast boat from Sorong Fishing Port to Waisai. This trip will take about two to four hours, depending on the weather. Then from Waisai, continue by longboat to Wayag, which takes six to eight hours. In addition, there is the option of renting a speedboat if you want to shorten the trip to five hours.

Wayag Islands Beauty and Attractions

Arriving at the location, you will see how beautiful the views of the surrounding islands are. Lush plants are clinging to the towering slopes of the islands. The island wall around it has a vertical shape that hangs from above the sea. In addition, the spectacular bullet-shaped island has the appearance of floating right above sea level.

The charming panorama will captivate visitors because of the clear water. In addition, you can also see the diversity of marine flora and fauna. This privileged location never ceases to amaze. Visitors will be mesmerized by the underwater scenery and the beauty of the surroundings. You can try climbing to the lookout, which offers the most incredible views in Raja Ampat.

The Potential Tourism at Wayag Island

The natural beauty of Wayag Island has tremendous potential in West Papua. Many things attract tourists to come to this island. And, one of the spectacular attractions is the underwater beauty or marine ecosystem. Thus, you can see the creatures under the sea by diving or snorkeling. There are many options for spending time on this beautiful island.

The clear and calm seawater is the main reason why tourists choose Wayag Island for a vacation. Fresh air free from pollution is the best location to relax the mind. As a result, domestic and international tourists visit this island area. This island has tremendous tourism potential for the Papuan people.

The Activities at Wayag Island

1. Spectacular Snorkeling

If you want to snorkel with a beautiful view, make the Wayag trip early in the morning. You can depart by boat heading North towards the Elang Rock snorkeling site in Kawe. Underwater, snorkelers can find many beautiful creatures, such as Sardines, Wobbegong, Sweetlips, Barracudas, Tuna, Bumphead Parrotfish, and the occasional manta ray.

2. More Amazing Diving

If you want to be more challenging, you can continue the journey to Black Rock in West Papua. The main attraction of this dive site is the soft corals blooming in various colors from the rocky outcrops. Here, you can find flora and fauna in their most vibrant display under the sea. However, don’t forget to obey the rules and follow a professional guide.

3. Spend the Day at Wayag Kepulauan Islands

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After a diving or snorkeling session, you can continue your journey further north. Try crossing the Equator until you arrive at the iconic landscape of the mushroom island of Wayag, which is so spectacular. Then, after a slow sailing, you can take a coffee break on the beautiful beaches around the island. You can enjoy a cup of coffee while seeing the natural beauty of the island.

4. Climbing

Don’t forget to hike to the lookout at the top of Wayag Island. Before climbing to the top, you will find a challenging climb to the steep limestone cliffs. After reaching the top, you can see the view of Wayag from a stunning height. This activity is the best choice for those who like adventures that challenge your courage in West Papua.

All in all, the beauty of Wayag island provides one of the best choices for a vacation in the Raja Ampat area. Its clear waters have many tremendous tourism potentials. There are many vacation activities that you can do, such as diving, snorkeling, walking around, climbing, and spending time there all day. You can choose according to the needs of a fun holiday.