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Which islands in Raja Ampat, West Papua, have you already visited so far? If Wayag is not one of them, then it is time that you found out more about this island. Also named Wajag Island, you may not see anything about this on tourism promotions or in any articles. Still, this does not mean that Wayag is not worth a visit.

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Reasons Wayag Island Is Not Widely Advertised

There are reasons this seascape of conical karst islands in Raja Ampat is not widely advertised. For starters, access to Wayag is very difficult. Even the fittest and adventurous have to be careful. 

The second thing is how expensive the trip to Wayag is. It is in the northwest of Waigeo, and it is a round trip of more than 300 kilometers from Waisai. Since there is no accommodation for a place to stay on the island, you will have to book another homestay at a nearby island, which is actually far.

However, if you are the curious and adventurous type, you might check out Wayag Island for a change. If you like what you see, then it is good. If you still prefer other parts of entertainment in other nearby islands, you know where to go.

How To Get To Wayag Island

As mentioned earlier, it is impossible to find homestay accommodation on Wayag Island. Getting one for you to stay over means checking out other surrounding islands. For example: Kri, Waigeo, Gam, Friwen, Mansuar, Batanta, and many more. The homestay accommodations you can check out are Gibran Homestay in Kri, South Coast, Yengkawe Homestay in Kabui Bay, Waigeo, Yengkris Homestay in Eastern GAM, GAM, Friwen Homestay in Friwen, Napoleon Sawandarek Homestay in Mansuar, South Coast, and many more.

Of course, do not expect the homestay to be like regular hotels in urban areas. Enjoy sleeping in a bamboo house by the beach and getting in touch with nature.

Another possibility for staying overnight at Wayag Island is to organize a camping trip. You can either set up your own itinerary or choose the short package tours they offer. Besides going to Wayag, you can also choose other options for short package tours to Piaynemo, including GAM and Kabui Bays.

You can set up your tents on sandy beaches and bring your own meals since no cafes or restaurants are nearby. It is just you, getting in touch with nature.

If you still cannot get to Wayag Island, Raja Ampat has other offers: visiting two other nearby islands. Piaynemo and Kabui Bay offer similar sceneries to the ones in Wayag Island.

Things To See and Do While You Are In Wayag Island

Since this island is not part of the commercial tourism in West Papua, there is not so much information regarding things to see and do while you are here. That is the idea, though, since ideas are open here – as long as you remain respectful towards the nature or environment here.

For starters, Wayag Island has its pristine beaches. Aside from camping by the beach, you can also relax on the beach or go swimming. Make sure that you do not litter around. If you plan on having a night barbeque or a bonfire, make sure you clean up afterward. After all, you are not the only visitors on this island.

If you love diving, then this is another perfect spot for you. Enjoy the underwater display, from coral reefs to plenty of fish. The water is as clear blue as the morning sky without rain, which matches the pristine white sandy beach.

Another alternative is to rent a speedboat. In fact, you can ride that speedboat all the way from Sorong to Wayag Island. However, make sure that you are physically fit and have already got experience riding on a speedboat. The travel time is five hours long, and it is also pretty costly. You have to prepare around nine million rupiahs per speedboat per day.

You can also climb up the hill on Wayag Island and enjoy the combination of green and blue scenery before you. You get to see the clear blue seawater and the greens on the rocky hills around you. Forget about going online for a while. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy absolute peace in nature. If you are into photography, bring your camera along. Take as many pictures as possible while in Wayag Island because you may not get the chance again too soon.

What If You Would Like To Return To The Crowd?

Then it is no problem. If you have already booked a homestay accommodation from other nearby islands around Wayag Island, then consider yourself already settled. You can return there after a peaceful moment on Wayag Island.

This may not be the usual tourist attraction, but Wayag Island is still worth a visit, especially if you seek temporary solace in West Papua.

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