West Papua: A Paradise for Nature Lovers of Indonesia

West Papua

If asked about famous tourist destinations in West Papua, many people will mention Raja Ampat.

However, it turns out that West Papua has many hidden paradises and exotic natural panoramas.

Some Paradise for Nature Lovers in West Papua

If you like visiting unknown tourist attractions, some of these hidden paradises in West Papua must be on your list.

The natural beauty of several natural destinations in West Papua will amaze tourists.

1. Kiti-Kiti Waterfall

It’s no secret that West Papua’s exoticism often makes the eye stunned. What’s more, with natural scenery that is still awake.

One of them is Kiti Kiti Waterfall. This place is a tourist attraction in the Nusalasi Bay Park Conservation Area.

The water in this waterfall flows directly into the open sea. Another uniqueness will be seen when the water is receding.

When that happens, you will see the beach under the waterfall. The beach also presents the beauty of the underwater world with various types of fish and beautiful coral reefs.

2. Kofiau Island

Apart from the islands in Raja Ampat, Kofiau Island is the most visited island in West Papua.

Kofiau island has the world’s most extensive coral reefs with white sand. There are also several volcanic hills covered with rainforest and coral limestone there.

This hidden paradise on the island of West Papua also offers beautiful underwater views. Clear water makes it easy to swim, dive, snorkel, and even photograph underwater.

3. Ayamaru Lake

Only a few people know that there is a hidden gem like Lake Ayamaru in West Papua. This lake is located in Maybrat Regency, Sorong City. Lake Ayamaru is the legacy of our ancestors.

Therefore, the Maybrat tribe cares about this natural habitat to prevent damage. Lake Ayamaru has clear blue water when exposed to sunlight.

The water is so clear you can see the bottom of the lake, which is full of rocks resembling coral reefs and various types of fish.

It is okay if visitors spend time with various activities, such as photography, exploring the lake by boat, or swimming.

4. Triton Bay

Triton Bay could be better known to tourists. However, this slightly hidden area has beautiful natural scenery.

Small islands and towering corals surround Triton Bay and add to the exoticism of West Papua.

This serene bay has a wealth of marine life and makes it a paradise for lovers of diving and snorkeling and marine life experts.

Not only that, this beautiful natural panorama makes every point of the bay a place to take pictures.

Before entering the Triton Bay area, tourists must pass through the waters of Erana. These waters are a habitat for whale sharks, the world’s largest fish that consume plankton.

Also, prehistoric paintings attached to the coral reefs of Maimai waters will add to the stories of tourists visiting Triton Bay.

5. Kaca River

Kaca River, or Bawi River, is a hidden tourist paradise with clear glass-like water. This place is located in Kampung Bawi, Maybrat Regency, West Papua.

The water in this river is so clear visitors can immediately see the bottom of the river from the surface.

At a glance, the rocks at the bottom of the river resemble rocks in the sea. Seeing the water, many people should want to swim while enjoying the natural scenery around it.

The exoticism of the hidden place of West Papua are very fantastic. You can also see the charm of nature by going there. Choose some of the places above that interest you the most.