7 Best Places to Eat Out in Sorong, West Papua

West Papua

Having been a home to a multiracial society, Sorong is one of the cities in West Papua Province that also offers you a large variety of Indonesian delicacies. You may as well enjoy special Papuan dishes there such as Papeda, yellow fish soup, grilled crayfish, and many more. From street food vendors to restaurants, here are seven best places to eat out in the region. 

The Best Restaurants in West Papua

There are several restaurants where you can savor delicious Papuan dishes or other regions’ culinary dishes. Below are some of the most popular ones. 

  • Rumah Makan Mini

West Papua

Sited at a small street just behind Yohan supermarket, Rumah Makan Mini (Mini restaurant) offers you many food choices of both Chinese and Indonesian cuisines. All dishes are served in large portions so they are valuable enough and can be shared with your friends or family. 

Furthermore, there is also karaoke service every evening. Addressed on Kamboja Street No. 4, Klademak 111B, Sorong, the restaurant opens daily at 9am – 2.30pm and 5pm – 9.30pm. However, the restaurant opens only at 5pm – 9.30pm on Sundays. 

  • Marina Star Restaurant

West Papua

If you are a seafood lover, this restaurant located at Jl. Pelabuhan Perikanan, Sorong City would be one of the best restaurants in West Papua. Its location which is nearby a port makes it worth enjoying fresh, delectable seafood such as crabs, lobsters, cockles, squids and crayfish. Even better, there you can also taste the rare Papuan traditional delicacies like Papeda (sago porridge), grilled tuna, and fish with yellow soup. 

Both the interior and exterior designs of the restaurant also look lovely in a rustic way as everything is wooden. Sounds great? No worries, this recommended place to eat out in Sorong opens 7 days a week and 24 hours!   

  • Misool Filling Station

West Papua

Located at Jl. Basuki Rahmat, just in front of Domine Eduard Osok Airport, Sorong, Misool Filling Station is an exclusive boutique café with a convenient lounge and a cozy alfresco seating area upstairs. The wonderful café is actually a part of Misool Eco Resort in Southern Raja Ampat, therefore, one of the perks of visiting the café, 3% of every purchase will be donated to the resort’s charity—i.e. Misool Marine Conservation Foundation. 

Whilst waiting for your boat trip or flight, you can spend time at the café to enjoy a cup of delicious Papuan coffee along with a bowl of hearty smoothies and some vegetarian-friendly snacks. There are also sustainable products ready for purchase such as toiletries and souvenirs. On the daily basis, the café opens from 7am to 7pm. 

  • Rumah Kopi

West Papua

When in Sorong, never miss visiting Tembok Berlin Beach because Rumah Kopi (House of Coffee) is situated right at the main road near the beach. The two-story café looks very fancy with large lounges and colorful lightings everywhere. Not to mention the exquisite sunset panorama you can watch from the café’s balcony.  

The other facilities the beach café has to offer are free internet access and a great selection of Indonesian coffee fineness. There are also karaoke service and live music (every Saturday) held for the guests’ entertainment. Feeling hungry? No problems, they serve scrumptious Italian dishes including pasta, pizza, and various finger-licking finger foods. 

So, what is the wait? Immediately head to Jl. Yos Sudarso, Sorong now. Note that the café opens every day between 3pm and 11pm. 

The Best Street Food Vendors in West Papua

For those who are fans of street foods, eating out at street food stalls in the region is a must. Below is the recommendation. 

  • “Tembok Berlin” Beach Seafood Hawkers

West Papua

Speaking of Tembok Berlin Beach, do not forget to spoil your taste buds with fresh, mouth-watering seafood offered by the hawkers around the beach. The best things are you get to pick your own fish or other variants of seafood and watch it being cooked and served right before your eyes! 

For your information, the actual name of the beach is Dofior Beach. Nonetheless, since there is a 1.5-metre wall standing tall between the sea shore and the main road of Jl. Yos Sudarso, the locals started to call it Pantai Tembok Berlin (resembling Berlin Walls of Germany back in the days). 

  • Rujak Natsepa Ambon Asli Suli

West Papua

Nearby a shopping mall at Jl. Basuki Rahmat, Klasabi, Sorong Manoi, there is a small food stall selling Rujak—an Indonesian fruit salad with spicy hot sauce made of mashed palm sugar and chilies. What makes Rujak Natsepa different from the others is an additional ingredients of the sauce which is mashed, fried peanuts. 

Originally from Natsepa Beach in Central Maluku, Rujak Natsepa can now be enjoyed in West Papua region as well. The stall usually opens daily at 7am – 6pm. 

  • Warung Makan Arisvik 

West Papua

If you happen to be around Jl. Flamboyan, Klasuluk, Sorong, visit Warung Makan Arisvik (Arisvik diner) that serves a selection of satay (roasted skewered meat dipped in peanut sauce). It is surprising that there is also venison satay (a deer’s flesh on skewers) included in the menu. It sounds bizarre but the satay apparently tastes like beef with a lamb aftertaste! 

There are also other options of satay such as chicken, beef, and lamb served at the diner in case you are not a fan of venison. 

So, if you are travelling in Sorong, West Papua, drop by the recommended places to eat out.

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