West Papua Bigfoot. Are They Real, Is it True or a Hoax?

West Papua Bigfoot

West Papua Bigfoot – The appearance of a large hairy creature or ‘Bigfoot’ is very interesting, especially if Bigfoot sightings occur in Indonesia.

Then, is there a West Papua bigfoot?

West Papua Bigfoot Facts, Are They Real?

Ever seen the existence of West Papua bigfoot and do you believe it? Bigfoot is a giant ape with two legs like a human, but its whole body is covered in jet-black fur. Bigfoot ranges from 6 to 15 feet (2 to 4.5 meters) in height.

Reports regarding the whereabouts of bigfoot have repeatedly caught the public’s attention.

However, the results of investigations into these reports were nil, and some were even proven to be hoaxes. Here are several facts about bigfoot:

1. Reports of Bigfoot Sightings in Canada

In 1958, the Humboldt Times, a local newspaper in Northern California, published a story about discovering mysterious giant footprints near Bluff Creek, California.

In the news, they refer to the owner of the giant footprints as “Bigfoot.”

The public’s curiosity about bigfoot grew during the second half of the 20th century after an article in True magazine, published in December 1959, described in detail the 1958 discovery.

Decades later, the footprints near Bluff Creek belonged to a prankster named Ray Wallace. Wallace’s children revealed this fact after their father died in 2002.

2. Bigfoot is Not One Creature

People who believe in bigfoot believe that this creature is not just one. Bigfoot is just one species of giant nomadic ape-like creature belonging to the wilderness of various countries.

Yeti is similar to the bigfoot and is believed to be based on the story of the bigfoot’s cousin who climbed the mountains of Nepal.

A similar legend also exists in Australia. There this creature is known as Yowie.

3. Bigfoot Estimated Around 7 Feet 10 Inches 

BFRO said from analysis of their sightings and estimating bigfoot’s size based on footprints, the creature probably stood at 7’10.

Bigfoot’s feet are said to be “huge,” and sightings reported to BFRO have compared them to the size of a “trash can.” Bigfoot emits a strong, pungent odour, often the first warning of its presence.

4. Frozen Bigfoot 

Two men found a frozen Bigfoot in 2008 who later changed into a frozen gorilla costume, probably put there as a joke.

There is no hard scientific evidence for bigfoot or other similar animals, although this has done little to deter the many people who swear they have seen it.

Myth or True?

Bigfoot is something real to those who claim to have seen it. But some people believe bigfoot is a flesh-blooded creature.

Meanwhile, others, including native tribes in America, believe it to be a spirit that appears to humans in times of trouble.

Ralph Gray Wolf, an Athapaskan Indian from Alaska, said the sasquatch appeared to help groups facing problems. They carry the message of the need for change.

The same thing is also found in England, associated with a legend that has been heard for centuries.

Several researchers organized an expedition to Lake Bolam near Newcastle two years ago.

They traced sightings of a tall, large, dark creature that had been buzzed about 18 months earlier.

One day on the shores of a lush lake, six group members finally saw what they called the Beast of Bolam.

Do you believe in West Papua bigfoot? Whether they exist or not, it’s clear that many cultures have stories about hairy humans.

Even though there have been many stories, photos and footprints of them, there has never been scientific evidence that they exist.