West Papua Celebrities Famaous That You Need to Know

West Papua Celebrities

West Papua Celebrities – Papua is not only rich in biodiversity as well as tribes and cultures that are still strong today. Now, many residents are starting to venture into the entertainment sector in the country.

In fact, many West Papua celebrities have appeared on the Indonesian screen to show their ability to entertain the public at large.

West Papua Celebrities

Many Indonesian superstars with Papuan ancestry have a unique charm about them. Artists of Papuan ancestry frequently have distinguishing features, from their visage to their gorgeous hair and skin tone.

So, to find out whom the West Papuan-born Indonesian artists that ever exist in entertainment check the post below!

  • Evan Sanders

The actor who is currently skyrocketing his role in a special series in Indonesia is Evan Sanders whose full name is Stevanus Alexanders Tenda.

A very skilled actor and gossip show host, Nino is the husband of Elsa (Glenca Chysara) in the serial of Ikatan Cinta. Who would have guessed that an artist with Papuan ancestry like Evan Sanders existed?

He has played many films and series in Indonesia throughout his career. He was born on the island of Biak on November 8, 1981, and is currently working at the height of his fame and success.

At the age of 40, Evan Sanders is well-known for still appearing single and not having made up his mind to settle down.

  • Ade Juwita

Ade Juwita is one of the celebrities whose existence began to be seen after playing a soap opera with the title Si Manis Jembatan Ancol.

In the horror series, the comedian who was very popular at that time, made his name skyrocket. Moreover, the way the joke is delivered is very iconic and also entertaining.

There are so many unique facts that you may not know about this hit comedian. The real name of Ade Juwita, a transgender woman, is Joni Libertifa Ateva.

His birthday is May 5, 1996. It is known that lymph node illness caused him to pass away in 2015. He was afterwards laid to rest at his hometown of Sorong.

  • Mamat Alkatiri

The next celebrity from West Papua is Mamat Alkatiri. The stand-up comic who appeared in Imperfect the Series rose to fame after placing second in the Stand-up Comedy Indonesia competition.

Mamat hails from the West Papuan town of Fakfak, although being born in Ambon.

Mamat, who was born and raised in Fakfak, moved to Yogyakarta to continue his education as a potential dentist. He is recognized as being listed as a Gadjah Mada University alumnus.

Although far from the bustle of the Capital City, he never gave up on achieving his goals to become what he is today.

  • Edo Kondologit

The next celebrity born in Papua, to be precise in Sorong City, is Edo Kondologit. He is a senior singer known since the 1980s.

Maybe today’s generations are very strange with his existence in the world of entertainment because his popularity skyrocketed in the 80s.

Edo Kondologit is not only talented as a singer and a member of the entertainment industry;

He has also appeared in a number of movies and soap operas. That were formerly extremely well-liked by Indonesian TV viewers. This singer has appeared in the soap operas Keluarga Minus and Tendangan Si Madun.

Those were the information related to West Papua celebrities that some of you may already know.

Their presence is increasingly popular in Indonesia by displaying their various skills in entertaining the public and their fans.

Now, Papua is increasingly recognized for their hard work as entertainment figures.