West Papua Copper Mine as Indonesia’s Natural Wealth

West Papua Copper Mine

West Papua Copper Mine – For a long time, Papua has been known as a place to mine, from gold to copper. Everything is used to be dredged and taken by outside companies.

Of course, this natural wealth should not be continuously dredged by others. West Papua copper mine also takes advantage of the local community.

Get to Know About West Papua Copper Mine

The first thing you need to know is about the copper mine that exist in West Papua.

There are two main mining areas owned by Freeport, namely the Grasberg Open Mine and the Underground Mine. The Grasberg open pit mine stopped operating in early 2020.

So Freeport is now focusing on underground mining which consists of 4 sections of Big Gossan, Deep Ore Zone (DOZ), Deep Mill Level Zone (DMLZ) and Grasberg Block Cave (GBC).

The production carried out is very large, generating profits for the surrounding community even able to provide jobs for them.

With this mine, it is hoped that the government will be able to take advantage of Indonesia’s natural wealth by producing it itself without having to transfer it to outsiders.

If left unchecked, it is very likely that Indonesia’s natural wealth will continue to be dredged, causing other damage such as green land that continues to be eroded.

Benefits of Copper for Life

Copper has considerable benefits for people’s lives. The metallic form of copper is golden red.

Meanwhile, there are properties that other metals do not have, such as being durable, recyclable and antibacterial. Here are some of the benefits of using copper for life, including:

  • Water Purification

There are other materials besides quartz sand that can purify water. Water purification materials can include copper, in particular copper sulfate.

However, this usage is typically primarily in agriculture. The use of copper sulfate to prevent algae growth in water results in cleaner water.

In areas where clean water is scarce, copper is usually needed because it can help in the water purification process. Of course this is an added value for these service providers.

Now also many industries make this tool to provide facilities to the wider community.

  • Fences and Doorknobs

Another addition to a building that is constructed of copper is the fence. Same goes for the doorknob.

Due it resists rust and is lightweight, copper was chosen because of its attractive appearance. This can be seen from the color that emerges from the fence.

When rust occurs, a golden color will appear on the fence or doorknob. That’s called copper.

To protect it, most people usually coat the object with paint or other coatings so it does not rust easily and can last a long time.

By using that way, they won’t have to replace fences and doorknobs anytime soon.

  • Motor Vehicles and Machines

Additionally, copper is used in a number of automobile sector items. Cables, radiators, and brakes are a few automobile applications for copper.

Copper is employed in numerous industrial machines that are used in the production process, in addition to motor vehicles.

With the use of copper, motorized vehicles exist until now and can be used by many people to help them anywhere as a personal vehicle.

If there is no copper, maybe some of the tools in it will not work according to the procedure.

The magnitude of the benefits provided to the community regarding this copper mine, of course, more and more people are aggressively taking advantage of it.

After the discovery of the West Papua copper mine, it became one of the places to distribute many mining products to various industries in Indonesia.