West Papua Culture And Culinary – Baliem Valley

West Papua Culture And Culinary - Baliem Valley

Culture and the tribal live in west Papua tend to be one of the main attractions for tourists. Those who find themselves challenged to visit the location are bound to reach Baliem valley. In the West Papua culture and culinary itinerary, the valley is probably the most fascinating sight to see. But what is it? Here is a brief overview of the Baliem Valley.

About The Valley

Also known as the grand valley, it is one of the areas where several native Papuan tribes are living. The location itself is at the highlands of West Papua, where you can visit the Dani tribe. It is also considered as the interior since many of the occupants are still loyal to their tribal traditions. It includes their housing, clothing, and livelihood.

This portion of west Papua falls under the Indonesian territory. But the location is hardly touched by modern civilization. The valley has gradually been open for tourism. The number of the visit are limited. But to elevate human development and west Papua culture and culinary exposure, the location start to help annual tourist event called Baliem Valley festival.

What To Do:

1. Trekking

One of the most popular activities in this cultural tourism attraction is the trekking journey. The trekking route is frequently used by locals. On the journey, tourists can witness the west Papuan nature, forest, and varying agricultural areas. The full trek reaches up to 72 km in length, which goes beyond Baliem. It stretches to Lani Country and Korowai tree house tribe, or Yalimo and Mek territory.

2. Witness The Oldest Tribal Cultures

Since Baliem is the house of Dani Tribe, you can witness their livelihood with your eyes. The Dani tribe itself is not on the hostile side. They are quite open with tourists and visitors. As long as you respect their rules, you can witness their west Papua culture and cuisine. It includes witnessing the unique farming lifestyle, primitive Koteka clothes, and festinating cuisines.

3. Festival

To introduces the living of the native tribes, the location itself will hold an annual festival. It is a spectacular cultural celebration that showcases all of the traditions and customs of the tribes. Some of the activities include traditional dances, pig races, mock wars, traditional cuisines feasts, and many more. The festival is mostly held around the month of august for a couple of days.

How To Reach The Location

West Papua Culture And Culinary - Baliem Valley

If you want to reach the location, it is best to go with a guide. It is also a must to have a travel permit from the local police before you travel on the interior. There are many ways to reach Baliem and witness the west Papua culture and culinary. But, the best one is starting from Wamena. Some of the guides offer days of travel, that can range from backpacking to trekking packages.

Being one of the locations where the native tribal communities alive, reaching the area demand some specific requirement. Other than the permission, you also have to travel far to the interiors. As you reach there, the valley is brimming with tribal Papuans that are stay pure and loyal to their traditional live hood.