West Papua Culture And Culinary – Exploring North Baliem Valley

West Papua Culture And Culinary – Exploring North Baliem Valley

As long as the West Papua does not lose its predecessor heritage, the location will always be heaven with diverse charm. The tribal life is one of the most fascinating attractions to see. Along with its culture and untouched land, exploring the north Baliem valley will always be part of west Papua culture and culinary expedition. Interested? Here are what you can find there.

Some Fascinating Culture And Location On North Baliem

1. Witnessing The Dani Tribe Livelihood In Jwinka Village

Upon reaching the Baliem valley, you will yourself approaching one of the most open indigenous tribe, Dani. The Dani people dominate the Baliem with its 30 clans spread across the location. The number of populations itself reaches about 200 people. Within that number, most of them speak Bahasa Indonesian with a splash of dialect from one to the other.

But when you go to the north Baliem, the further Dani tribe village is Jwinka. Here, you can take a lot of photos with elderly people that wearing the most iconic west Papuan traditional clothes. However, Jwinka village is also known as a tourist trap since they will charge every photo. So, ensure you prepare enough to learn many west Papua culture and culinary.

2. Meeting The Jwinka Mummy

While you have to pay more, but Jwinka is brimming with bizarre tradition and cultural heritage. One of them is the smoked and mummified 18th-century warlord Wimontok Mabel. It is in excellent condition, which makes it like one of the cultures you should never miss during the visit.

3. Visit A Kotilola Cave

After witnessing the famous mummies, you can take your time to visit the Kotilola Cave. It is a limestone cave that is also a house for some cavemen. There are several caverns that you can visit with the guide of the tribe chief. You got to spectate fascinating cultures and natures such as the stalagmites formation, traditional houses, and bones cemeteries.

4. Hiking The Baliem Valley And Taste The Traditional Cuisine

If you are lucky, some of the tours allow you to explore the highland to learn more about the west Papua culture and culinary. In this case, you can hike to the southern valley and see the heavenly untouched nature. They are also a chance to visit villages, enjoy some traditional foods, and taste the down-to-earth living state just like the native tribes.

5. Pay A Visit To The Aikima Village

West Papua Culture And Culinary – Exploring North Baliem Valley

Another place that is worth visiting is Aikima village. It mostly reached during the gong back home travel since it is on the way to Wamena. One thing that you need to see is the Werapak Elosak mummy. He used to be the powerful tribe chief that are mummified to honor and keep his power in the village. And that will be the end of west Papua culture and culinary exploration in Baliem valley.

As part of the most uncovered location in west Papua, Baliem village offers a great length of fascination. The best one is the annual festival that showcases indigenous tradition, culture, and activities. But, you can go further to explore the north Baliem valley to witness the real-life of native tribes in Jwinka village, Kotikola cave, Aikima village, and at the highland area.