West Papua Custom Houses and Their Philosophy

The West Papua custom houses are varied where all of them are so interesting. The designs are quite unique and boldly represent everything about that beautiful province.

For your information, Papua is a province which has the widest area in Indonesia. In Bahasa Indonesia, this place is called as “Irian Jaya” at the first time.

Now, it is separated into two different parts where the east part still uses the Papua name. Meanwhile, the west part also uses that name, but it adds the west word or barat in Bahasa.

Indonesia and Its Rich culture

As a country which has so many islands, Indonesia is rich of cultures and custom as well. They offer the different things to see and that is why; you need a long time to explore every thing.

One thing which is so interesting to visit is for sure the custom houses in several regencies or provinces in the country. You will be able to see how the ancient or old design is.

It is also included the West Papua custom houses. Some people may just knowing that it has a type only, but the fact is different because it has more than one.

The West Papua Custom Houses

The traditional houses there are built by using the different materials and can have the different philosophy as well. Here are the lists and names of those buildings.

  1. Honai

It is a place where the Dani race live and usually only the adult men stay there. The name honai is taken from the word “hun” which means men and “ai” which means a house.

Usually, people will find this house in a mountain and valley. The walls are made from the woods, the roofs are from the straws, and the shape is like a mushroom.

The interesting thing is that this building doesn’t have any windows and only has one door. The height is for about 2.5 meters with the small rooms around 5 meters wide.

  1. The Ebai

The name ebai is taken from the word ‘ebe’ which means a woman and “ai” that means a house. It is because the philosophy that woman is a home of life.

Ebsi is usually used as a place to educate the female children. The mother will teach her daughter everything that needs to do ahead of the marriage ceremony later.

These West Papua custom houses are the place where the mothers, daughters, and son to live. However, the adult son will be moved to the Honai building.

Both these things are maybe looked alike, but the size is actually different. Ebai is smaller and usually located in the right and left side of a traditional honai area.

  1. The Wamai

Wamai is one of the West Papua custom houses that is used as a pet cattle pens. The animals which are fed as a pet there are like the chickens, pigs, dogs, and many more again.

The shape of Wamai is usually square, but there are also some other shapes. It means that the designs are flexible depends on the numbers and kinds of animals that they have.

  1. The Kariwari

Kariwari is a place where usually the Tobati – Enggros race live and it is located it the side of the Sentani Lake, Jayapura. This house is only for the mens who are around 12 years old.

This area is used to educate those kids, especially about how to run their life, getting the income, being a strong, brave, and responsible man. The other lessons are in general.

The examples are like how to fight, make the traditional boats, weapons, and craft on something. The West Papua custom houses are clearly having the important position.






Meta description: West Papua custom houses

Meta description: the West Papua custom houses are varied. Those are ranging from the honai, Ebai, Kariwari and so on. You should know that they have the different shape and philosophy.



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