Due to West Papua Deforestation That Threatens the Existence of Forests

West Papua Deforestation

Currently, various types of forests cover around 30% of the earth’s surface. However, west Papua deforestation always takes place and reduces the size of the forest every year.

An estimated 15 million hectares of forest are lost each year. Of course this will cause very severe damage to the environment.

The Definition of Deforestation

Deforestation is the process of eradicating natural forests by logging to get wood-based goods or by converting forest land to non-forest uses.

Illegal logging and deforestation are intimately tied to one another. It can endanger all living things, including humans, animals, and plants, if it is not controlled.

Forest fires, whether started on purpose or accidentally, frequently result in deforestation. Almost every creature on earth is impacted by the intricate ecosystems found in forests.

So, calamities on a local and global scale may result from decreased or even vanished forest cover.

Deforestation is defined from the standpoint of forestry research as a condition in which there is a loss of forest cover and the characteristics within it, which has ramifications for the loss of forest structure and function.

This will probably be one of the most significant effects of the loss of diversified flora fauna.

Threats Arising from West Papua Deforestation

As you know, Papua is famous for its natural beauty which is still very beautiful.

One of them is the existence of forests that must be maintained to maintain the diversity of the ecosystem in it so that they can reproduce properly and not lose their homes.

The following are other impacts of deforestation!

  • Threaten Customary Land

Deforestation that occurs in West Papua serves to convert forest land into oil palm plantations.

This has an impact on the existence of indigenous people there whose existence is threatened due to the transfer of land functions which were originally forest.

In fact, the forest is a place where they live and find food.

Indigenous peoples as one of the groups that are vulnerable and most threatened due to the expansion of oil palm plantations have never received recognition of their rights and access to management.

If it has turned into an oil palm plantation, it will certainly be difficult for them to meet their daily needs.

  • Threatening the Forest Landscape in West Papua

The occurrence of this deforestation will lead to a decrease in the forest area in West Papua.

Of course this will have an impact on other things, ranging from the extinction of various ecosystems in it to the contamination of the environment occupied by local residents.

Instead of providing welfare to the community because of land conversion into gardens,

It actually causes a lack of infiltration land which can cause many natural disasters, ranging from landslides, floods, and so on.

  • Threatening the Existence of the Ecosystem In It

The next effect of deforestation is threatening the existence of the ecosystem in it. Papua has many animals and plants that are not found in other parts of Indonesia.

Maintaining diversity is also a human task by increasing the number of trees in the forest and not even deforestation.

If deforestation continues, the impact will be the loss of tropical rain forest cover which is the original habitat of animals and plants.

Animal and plant species can become extinct over time. This is because their natural habitat is damaged.

Those are the information related to West Papua Deforestation which has an impact on all aspects around it.

Not only has an impact on the life of the ecosystem that lives in it. But also humans with their authenticity and makes the forest as a place to survive and fulfill their daily needs.