Some Things Explanation about the West Papua Delegate

West Papua Delegate

The West Papua delegate stalled after they claimed an Indonesian minister told them it was time to negotiate West Papua’s independence.

Explanation of Several West Papua Delegates

Several West Papua delegates, such as the Vanuatu Delegation at the United Nations, Youth Delegate 20 (Y20), and Women 20 Delegation (W20). Here below is the explanation:

1. Youth Delegate 20 (Y20)

Regional Secretary of West Papua Province Nataniel Mandacan welcomed the arrival of the Youth 20 (Y20) delegates with the traditional Arfak procession in Manokwari, the capital of West Papua Province.

They welcomed the group’s arrival at Rendani Airport, Manokwari, Friday (17/6), with the traditional Arfak procession, “step on a plate”.

From Rendani Airport, the group of Y20 participants from various regions in the country went straight to the inn and event location, namely the Aston Niu Hotel Manokwari.

The local head of the West Papua Y20 event,

Melkias Werinussa said that the total number of participants attending the Y20 meeting in Manokwari was 54 national participants from Indonesia, plus dozens of foreign delegates.

The presence of the delegates in the framework of the Y20 Pre Summit IV side event to attend a meeting of youth from G20 member countries, with an agenda to dialogue and negotiate.

2. Women 20 Delegation (W20)

The West Papua Regional Police Chief (Kapolda) Inspector General Pol Tornagogo Sihombing, together with the Head of the West Papua Regional Bhayangkari Martha Tornagogo,

Received the Women 20 (W20) delegation at the West Papua Regional Police.

On that occasion, Tornagogo said his party was very concerned about gender equality within the West Papua Regional Police.

He revealed the gender equality of female police officers at the West Papua Regional Police from career development.

He says many female police officers hold important positions in the West Papua Regional Police.

In addition, the West Papua Regional Police pay attention to the acceptance of female police personnel from the village,

So that they can be an example and motivation for women in their homes when they become policewomen.

3. Vanuatu Delegation at the United Nations

The Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia (PTRI) to the United Nations in Geneva regretted Vanuatu’s move

To infiltrate Benny Wenda into the UN Human Rights Council at a meeting last week.

Benny Wenda’s name was previously missing from the list of the Vanuatu delegation attending the UN Human Rights Council meeting.

According to the statement of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (KTHAM),

Without the knowledge of the KTHAM office, Benny Wenda was included in the Vanuatu delegation which made a courtesy visit to the KTHAM office on Friday, January 25 2019.

4. Illegal Delegation

The Papuan People’s Council (MRP) and the West Papua People’s Council (MRPB) met with President Joko Widodo at the Presidential Palace.

They claim that the newly autonomous region of Papua is the people’s aspiration. However, several parties claim that the Papuan delegation is illegal.

In his press release, MRP Chairman Timotius Murib regretted President Jokowi’s meeting with the West Papua delegation and several people who were members of the Papuan MRP.

He emphasized that the MRP is still consistently waiting for the Constitutional Court’s decision.

In addition, Timothy emphasized that the MRP who attended the meeting with Jokowi. Could not be said to represent the MRP.

Timothy believes this is because the MRP agency has no official trip. Therefore, the MRP delegation present cannot be by the government as people representing the MRP institution.

Hopes the above information about the West Papua delegate can help you. There is indeed much to learn about West Papua.