Explore 8 Fascinating West Papua Diving Spot for Rookie

West Papua Hidden Paradise

For diving enthusiasts, it seems that Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua is one of the must-visit areas. There are more than 76 West Papua diving spots, which can be enjoyed with various characteristics.

Explore 8 Fascinating West Papua Diving Spot for Rookie

In addition to its beautiful sea, Raja Ampat is also known to have quite swift ocean currents. So divers really need to pay attention to the location as well as the weather that often changes.

West Papua Diving Spot for Rookie

  • Arborek

One of the best underwater islands has many school fish characteristics. No wonder foreign and local tourists choose this island as a mandatory destination for Raja Ampat. For novice divers, the island has a small number of safe locations to study. Because it has a gradual depth and is relatively safe from large currents.

  • Yenbuba

In Yenbuba Village, which is included in the Meos Mansar District, Mansuar Island, Raja Ampat Regency, this is also one of the favorite West Papua diving spots. The clear sea and the variety of fish are its advantages. On this island there is also a gradual depth for learning to dive. Besides that, you don’t have to swim far to see beautiful corals and fish.

  • Friwen Wall

The recommended spot for beginner divers is located near Friwen Island. The depth in this place is about 10-20 meters but has a calm current. Even for beginners, the underwater biota on Friwen Wall is very varied. About 70 percent of fish species can be found here. One of the uniqueness of this place is besides the white sand beach, namely the wheel shark or shark that lives on the seabed.

  • West Papua diving on Batu Lima

With so many large rocks around the island, the ocean currents are restrained, making it easier for novice divers. The depth of the sea on this island is also fairly shallow which only reaches 10 meters. Batu Lima Island is also uninhabited so Buddy Pesona feels like having a private island.

  • Dampier

Strait Dampier Strait is one of the most popular dive spots among divers, especially amateurs. Here, you can find various warships that were also sunk during World War II. The explosions of many bombs here in the past created beautiful sea caves to explore up to a depth of 30 meters.

  • Cross Wreck

This West Papua diving spot in Raja Ampat is Cross Wreck, which is 300 km east of Sorong. The name “Cross Wreck” itself was chosen not without reason. The word “cross” refers to the cross, because this place is the closest beach for missionaries who land on this island that has the characteristics of this bird of paradise. As for the word “wreck”, it refers to an accident on patrol that made a Japanese navy boat sink during World War II.

This incident makes the shipwreck from this incident a dive spot that you need to see firsthand. This shipwreck is at a depth of 18 meters and its shape is still intact, so you can still see the important parts of the ship.

  • Chicken Reef

Don’t say you’ve been to Raja Ampat if you haven’t dived at Chicken Reef. Yep, a cluster of beautiful coral reefs will welcome you with their signature dance. Corals and sea creatures in the bottom will be an interesting sight that you don’t find at other West Papua diving.