West Papua: Endemics Of The Arfaks And Waigeo Birds

West Papua: Endemics Of The Arfaks And Waigeo Birds

In eastern Indonesia, there are many natural resources to be found. One of them is the forest which is still completely original, far from being touched by human hands. For this reason, you can see animals that are rarely found in other areas. West Papua is endemic to Arfaks and Waigo Birds. Read the following information if you want to know about the details.

Bird Species In Papua

Approximately nearly 680 bird species have been recorded in Papua, from a little more than 700 for the entire territory of New Guinea. Of these, 550 species are considered breeding birds, with 279 endemics to Indonesia. At least 42 additional endemic species are found in Papua alone. More than 115 migratory species of Palearctic and seabirds spend most of their time in Papua.

The tour will usually start in the city of Manokwari, located on the Bird’s Head Peninsula (or Vogelkop) of West Papua. Here you can start the tour with the beautiful Little Cenderawasih and also the doves. After that, the time continues to the nearby Arfak Mountains, where you will find an incredible array of Endemic Vogelkop birds, such as the West Parotia, Astrapia Arfak, Catbird Arfak, etc.

Not only that, but you can also find other birds that might amaze in the Arfak mountains. Some of these include the Blue Jewel-babbler, Spotted Jewel-babbler, Masked Bowerbird, White Striped Forest Rail, Cat Nightjar Owl, Mountain Owl, Speckled Berryhunter (monotypic family), and Little Melampitta. All these species are spotted in the tropical forest in Papua.

Next, you can continue your tour to the Sorong area and find the King Bird-of-Cendrawasih, Red-breasted Paradise Kingfisher, Magnificent Riflebird, and Blue-black Kingfisher. Move to the next area or location in Raja Ampat Islands, Waigeo West Papua, and you can look for the endemic Wilson Bird of Paradise. Also, you can find other species, namely the Red Cendrawasih and Glossy Manucode Coat.

Getting Closer with Bird In Papua Mountain

As long as you look closely at the birds, you can also focus on the birds of paradise and the birds around them. The location of the Cenderawasih Lek site is filled with magnificent Cendrawasih birds that can be seen in their nests. This bird successively displays its colors, before jerking up and down vertical saplings.

Of all the regional endemic birds in Papua, one of the most famous (though not the most beautiful) must be the Vogelkop Bowerbird. This bird from West Papua is the largest bird species in the world. Males of this species are so amazing to build canopy constructions such as roofed houses at the base of saplings. Then, inside are colorful berries, flowers, and insect parts to attract the female’s attention,

Overall, you can easily find the wealth of flora and fauna in Papua. One of the most iconic is the bird found in several mountains, such as Arfaks and Waigeo. You can find these animals freely flying from one tree to another. Not only birds from Papua, it turns out that birds from neighboring countries also stop by in the rainforests of Papua.