West Papua Facts and Myths that will Amaze You!

West Papua
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West Papua is one of the eastern parts regions of Indonesia. West Papua is already famous for its extraordinary natural beauty, especially Raja Ampat. Not only nature, but West Papua is also rich with unique local traditions and culture.

However, not many people know about West Papua; there are still a lot of unique traditions and cultures stored in West Papua. There are so many myths and misguided opinions about West Papua that are not true. 

Those who say this and that about Papua have not necessarily have come to Papua. So friends, don’t be afraid to go to Papua. Therefore today, we will explore West Papua facts and myths. 

West Papua
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As summarized from various sources. Here are West Papua facts and myths that will Amaze You!

1.  West Papua is an Underdeveloped and Primitive Region of Indonesia

The first West Papua facts and myths are about the condition of West Papua. For several decades, this myth has circulated that everything in West Papua is so primitive and underdeveloped. People believe that West Papua only consists of forests, mountains, and beaches. However, West Papua is developing fast, with many cities with modern infrastructure such as shopping areas, malls, supermarkets, even modern tourism spots!

2.  Raja Ampat is the only beautiful place worth visiting in West Papua

Raja Ampat island is undoubtedly the world-class tourism destination in West Papua. You can enjoy the natural landscape of these islands and the region’s spectacular underwater attractions, scuba diving that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. 

However, it would be best to visit many places in West Papua, such as Cendrawasih Bay National Park, which offers underwater caves and cultural relics from the 18th century. Another place you might want to visit is the Arfak Mountains, an excellent place for hiking, trying local dishes, and special West Papuan coffee called Kopi Senang. 

There are many beautiful places worth visiting in West Papua; each has its charm and characteristic. You might find places that will satisfy your need for adventure in West Papua!

3.  Everything in West Papua is Expensive

While this myth about the cost of living in West Papua is more expensive than in Java, it is not entirely true. Nowadays, the Government of Indonesia is trying to solve this price gap using sea tolls and ensure that the price of goods in West Papua is not too expensive compared to Java. 

4.  West Papua does not have roads

This myth is caused by a documentary living in West Papua about indigenous people carrying goods across forests and mountains. However, that only happens in remote locations.

With so many cities, roads connecting each city are available to accommodate cars and motorcycles. Furthermore, West Papua has also developed quite rapidly, and recently, President Jokowi is making the Trans Papua route, which will connect cities in West Papua.

5.  There are many Cannibal in West Papua

Interestingly, there is a cannibal Tribe in West Papua, it’s called Korowai Tribe. However, the Korowai Tribe is an isolated tribe that lives older than any other tribe in West Papua. They live in isolated locations and cannot reach other civilizations. 

According to Gianlunca Chiodini, an Italian Journalist and Photographer who bravely reached Korowai Tribe Village, Korowai Tribes are not eating humans daily. They only eat people who threaten their village and family. 

Other tribes of indigenous people are considered modern and do not practice cannibalism. 

There are a lot of myths that are not true about West Papua. I hope this article about West Papua facts and myths allows you to explore more about West Papua. West Papua is a beautiful region with many sophisticated tourism destinations and wonderful culture. 

Another charming thing about West Papua is their humor. West Papuans have a great sense of humor. Get ready to laugh at the mop (funny stories) they like to tell when you are with them. In addition, Papuans are also very loyal friends!