West Papua Hidden Paradise

West Papua Hidden Paradise

One of the attractive points of Indonesia is its hidden natural gems. Some unexplored areas in the secluded regions, such as West Papua tend to have hidden bliss. The untouched habitat and the natural environments make the location filled with unexpected appeal. If you are visiting Papua, try to look at some of these west Papua hidden paradises.

The List Of Hidden Tourist Attraction Gem You Cannot Miss

1. Kali Kaca (River Mirror), Maybrat

No one can deny the beauty of the east Indonesia paradise, Papua. The island is filled with ranges of a gorgeous natural tourist destination. But sometimes, the hidden areas are overshadowed by the more well-known destination. You can see how the west Papua is known for its Raja Ampat, but not the other locations.

You can explore the region and get more than just the sea life’s attraction. Right inside the lush forest, you will find a hidden paradise in the shape of a natural mirror-like river. Located in Bawi Village of Maybrat, West Papua, the glistening river called as mirror river is what you will find around the area. It is a real beauty hidden in the deep forest.

This particular hidden tourist attraction is another addition to west Papua’s must-visit destination. It has all you need to describe the beauty of clear water, lush forest, and breezy air. The main attractive point in the destination goes to the crystal-clear river water. The blue water shows clearly the dept and the river floor.

Some stones that resemble coral reefs make the west Papua hidden paradise river has a picturesque landscape. The glistening water and its way of reflecting the light make the water looks like glass. The slight green color fills the river and makes it a unique sight. It also makes a clear reflection of its surrounding, creating a majestic fairytale-like panorama.

The river location is hidden. It needs more than 3 hours to travel from the nearby city, Sorong. You also need to go through some villages and lakes and follow the route. On the way, you will also need to go through a thick forest. The long and windy road will be washed away as you reach the location. The scenic river and its lush forest will blow your mind.

2. Cendrawasih Bay National Park

Raja Ampat is not the only location filled with an underwater kingdom in Papua. You can find the same breathtaking location in the Cendrawasih bay national park. The national park is one of the biggest water area places in Indonesia. It is also a rich underwater kingdom that has more than 950 fishes species, 500 types of coral, and 196 mollusks, and many other faunas.

It is one of the official areas under strict monitor from the government. You can visit it to witness the beauty of Indonesian underwater life. As one of west Papua hidden paradises, the national park is pretty open and known. The highlight of the area itself comes from the ranges of islands. You can visits each of them to see a different kinds of charms.

3. Bosnik Beach

West Papua Hidden Paradise

An exotic scenery from a clear sea, white sand, and blue sky are what you find in Bosnik beach. The hidden gem of West Papua was named Pantai Segara Indah due to its scenic area. You can prove it from the lining pams trees, the crystal-like water, and the smooth white beach sand. The beauty is not ended there.

The beach area is famous for its underwater scenery. You can try diving around the area and find the coral overlay made of varying types and species. Sometimes, people visit the beach as a plan to get away from city life. Spending your time on the beach and enjoy the breeze is one of the best bliss you can feel.

The beautiful beach is also very loved as a family holiday destination. You can enjoy a picnic around the beachside, enjoy the fresh shoreline, or drink the delish local cuisine. It is located about 15 km from the center of East Biak. So, you can easily visit and enjoy one of many underrated west Papua hidden paradises.

4. Kiti Kiti Waterfall

Going to the shoreline, you will find another hidden tourist attraction in FakFak. The area is loved due to its picturesque Kiti Kiti waterfall. The thing that makes this location unique and a must-visit is the low waterfall that goes right to the sea. The water torrent from the cliff immediately contacts the open sea right in the Nusalasi Bay.

Since the location and the attraction is very different, you will get some unexpected experience in this location. You can enjoy the beauty of its natural location. Taking photos around the location. You can also play around the waterfall and taste the freshwater. After that, you got the chance to join the salty water from the open sea.

The beauty of the area is something that you can find easily. Not a lot of tourists know the destination. So, the untouched and unexplored conditions make the area a pure bliss. It is because the waterfall is located in the conserved garden in Nusalasi bay, which takes 4 hours travel by boat from Fakfak.

5. Rumberpon Island

One of the wonderful west Papua hidden paradises that are overshadowed by Raja Ampat’s popularity is Rumberpon Island. It is an island under the west Papua government. The highlight itself comes from the scenic location, which is a small isolated island far from human’s hands. In its natural state, the location offers a paradise-like attraction.

Both the water and the area shout out tranquility. Thus, making it a place to take a break from the busy city life. But the small island in Wondama bay offers more than just a calming atmosphere. It is a perfect location for diving since it is rich with rare sea life. No wonder that the diving spot is also known as one of the best destinations in Papua.

The natural landscape is also the highlight of Rumberpon island. Tourists can take breathtaking pictures around the area. It also has a beach called Pantai Panjang (long beach). The white sand and the glistening green-colored seawater make a pretty contrast for your memorable pictures.

6. Sentani Lake

Located 50 km from the center of Papua Jayapura, the largest lake in Papua should be on your holiday list. The Sentani lake has more than 9000 hectares, which makes it a center of the surrounding village. This largest lake in Papua is not a mere plain lake. It has 22 small islands and 24 villages surrounding its area.

Even more, the water is home to more than 30 species of freshwater fish. You can do a lot of things in this destination, from taking a picture to joining the local traditions. Since the west Papua hidden paradise is a center of residents and ethnic groups, it has many annual events. Some of them are the Sentani lake festival around June, Papua traditional dance, and attractions.

Those are some of the hidden gems and paradises of West Papua. The range of natural untouched locations makes west Papua filled with unexplored tourist attractions. You can enjoy the beauty of underwater sea life in the national park, beach, and island. The in-land paradise is also filled with beauty, such as the Kiti waterfall, river mirror, lake, and valley.