West Papua History in Beauty Pageant: 17 ‘Miss Papua Barat’ Through Years

West Papua History


West Papua History

One of West Papua history comes from women in this area who take part in beauty pageants. Did you ever recognize this fact? Then, do you know the correlation with the ‘Miss Indonesia’ contest?

‘Miss Papua Barat’ is a title given to regional representatives in the ‘Miss Indonesia’ contest. The two programs have been running since 2005 and so far have produced 17 contestants with different backgrounds.

West Papua’s Achievements in the Beauty Pageant

Abigail Amanda Roberta Zevannya (2011) and Ellen Rachel Aragay (2014) contributed to West Papua history by making them into ‘Miss Indonesia’ contest. However, other contestants have such as an achievement. Who are they?

1. Elizabeth Monilsye Woru

In 2005, Elizabeth Monilsye Woru successfully represented West Papua. A pretty good achievement in the first year as this province was registered as a participant.

2. Setiarini Puspitasari Rumbabar

The following year, representatives came from Sorong. Even though she was only a participant, she has proven that West Papua deserves to take part in a beauty pageant.

3. Marcella Rumfabe

She comes from Manokwari. On the other hand, auditions for ‘Miss Papua Barat’ were held in Manado, Jakarta, Surabaya and Makassar. Hadn’t she shown a determination to become a representative by going to one of those cities?

4. Kristina Maria Pek

This time, Sorong sent the representative again to demonstrate her credibility as an influential woman who can be contribute in social life.

5. Aulia Arianti Maharani

Hello from Manokwari! She is a regional representative who is able to compete with others.

6. Cynthia Pricilla Plecket

In 2010, the woman who is familiarly called ‘Cynthia’ went to Jakarta to represent West Papua in a beauty pageant.

7. Abigail Amanda Roberta Zevannya

Congratulation! She is runner up 1 in ‘Miss Indonesia’ as well as the best ‘Miss Papua Barat.’

8. Fitrah Islami

The next year, West Papua’s achievement in beauty pageant was quite boast to bring the title of the top fifteen.

9. Charlien Tania Saraswati

Apart from ‘Miss Indonesia,’ this representative also took part in the 2017 ‘Miss Tourism World’ contest in China and won the Best National Costume award.

10. Ellen Rachel Aragay

There were two awards she got namely runner up 1 ‘Miss Indonesia’ and ‘Miss Friendship.’ In the 2018 Face of Beauty International contest, she became the best talent.

11. Patricia Atma Novera Hutapea

In 2015, again, Sorong sent its best representatives. An achievement that should be appreciated since she competed with other contestants in ‘Miss Indonesia.’

12. Deninda Fairuzahra

She is the one and only of Raja Ampat representative. It seems that 2016 is the beginning to start her career through beauty pageant.

13. Aprida Regita Sigalingging

Sorong as the capital city of West Papua has the potential of human resources as again and again, the representative is ready to compete in the other level of beauty pageant.

14. Ramzaniarta Thriyuliantiarchma

Manokwari is the second regional which send its representative for almost each year. You did your best, Ramzaniarta!

15. Vanessa Zahra

Manokwari pride! She is Vanessa who have the skill to compete and make another West Papua history.

16. Fransisca Bianca Tesalonica

Due to pandemic, the contest is abolished and it made Fransisca from Sorong became ‘Miss Papua Barat’ and ‘Miss Indonesia’ for two years; 2020-2021.

17. Vezhia Juliet Eddy

Congratulation, Vezhia! You are the latest representative. Go ahead for your role to contribute in society.

The History Angles

West Papua history has many angles. The beauty, intelligence, and good attitude of the women in this region shows how human resources can be remembered when they can participate in a beauty pageant at any level.