West Papua Indonesia’s Outermost Island Raise Flag for Independence Day

West Papua Indonesia's for Independence Day 77th

On Saturday last week in the Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua, Indonesia, the government unfurled the 77-meter-long Merah-putih flag and put 77 flags on the coast of Fani Island.

West Papua Indonesia's for Independence Day 77th


Taking Action to Raise the Merah-Putih Flag in West Papua, Indonesia

Acting Governor of West Papua Paulus Waterpauw led the flag’s stretching and planting on the Indonesian outer island of West Papua. On the borders’ State of Palau, along with the Commanders of Fleet Command III, Kodam XVIII/Kasuari, and the Kapolda Inspector General, Pol. Daniel Tahi Monang Silitonga.

Celebrating Indonesian Independence Day

The extending and planting of the Merah-Putih flag was done in honor of the Republic of Indonesia’s 77th Independence Day in 2022, according to West Papua’s acting governor, Paulus Waterpauw.

According to him, Fani Island is the furthest island along West Papua, Indonesia‘s border with the State of Palau. The island was once under the jurisdiction of fishermen from the State of Palau. However, due to resistance by the forerunners, it fell under the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.

Local Children Participate in the Flag Raising

The West Papua Forkopimda tribe joined the 77-meter-long banner, according to Paulus. Many kids and other locals did, however, participate in the event.

“It was the Ayau Islands District residents who welcomed us with drumming following local custom. There were around 50 of them in small and long boats with mothers and children. Tambur’s flute-suling,” Paulus stated.

“Therefore, they allowed us to be there. We employed three ships—two battleships and one non-military vessel. There we were. I just so happened to operate helicopters with the Kapolda, Pangdam, and Commander of the 3rd Fleet Command. Given the lengthy distance of the trip,” He added.

77-meter-high Merah-putih Flag Planted on Manokwari Seafloor

At the height of the 77th Indonesian Independence Day, 50 joint divers successfully unfurled the 77 x 4-meter Merah-Putih flag on the seafloor of Raimuti Island, Manokwari Regency, West Papua. 50 divers from the TNI, Polri, Basarnas,the diving community of Manokwari hoisted the flag in a spirit of patriotism.

According to a press release issued in Manokwari by Deputy Assistant Operations Staff (Waasops) Kasdam XVIII/Kasuari, Lt. Col. Inf Gatot Teguh Waluyo, “the stretching and planting of the Merah-Putih flag along the 77×4 meter on the Manokwari seabed shows that the West Papua region completely belongs to the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) until the 77th independence day.”

Patriotism Impact on West Papua Indonesia

Patriot divers also ask the coastal population of Manokwari to realize their independence by defending the sea and its ecology from different criminal threats by raising the Merah-Putih flag, according to Teguh.

He declared, “We are all accountable for protecting the maritime and coastal environment from unlawful activities that are counter to the regulations in the Republic of Indonesia. We are the future generation and connoisseurs of independence.”

Therefore, he claimed, extending and planting the Merah-Putih flag demonstrates to the state’s flag that it is there and has the authority to uphold the island’s sovereignty.

He claims that another purpose of this activity is to honor those who came before us. Sacrificed blood and tears to secure the independence we now take for granted.

Due to this action, we are reportedly required to make a heartfelt commitment to upholding the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia’s sovereignty over West Papua, Indonesia‘s outlying islands.

Final Takeaway

Fredy Pata, SE, the committee chair, said the activity had three main goals. A few agendas advance the 77th anniversary of Indonesian Independence Day, laying the foundation stone for the National Inscription house. Moreover, it strengthened sovereignty by prioritizing developing key regions, Indonesia’s veranda.

“Maintaining security in the Fani Island border zone of Raja Ampat Regency, through maximizing integrated and sustainable development. So that the entire West Papua Indonesian population may be ecstatic about safeguarding their country and be happy to be Indonesian citizens, “Fredy remarked.