Best Place to Visit in West Papua Indonesia (New Destination 2023)

West Papua Indonesia

West Papua Indonesia continues to deliver unparalleled natural beauty and is even popular in international countries. This is also a place where you can find a lot of heaven on earth.

The natural beauty that is still very beautiful is one of the attractions that you can find in other places.

New Destination in West Papua Indonesia

There are many of the best destinations that you can visit in West Papua to spend vacation time with family and friends.

If you’re having trouble obtaining recommendations, some examples are provided below. Here are the best and newest tourist destinations in West Papua, Indonesia!

1. Cendrawasih Bay National Park

The first destination you can visit in West Papua is Cendrawasih Bay National Park.

This is in Teluk Wondama and Nabire Regencies one of Indonesia’s largest marine parks, home to a varied range of animals.

Swimming with whale sharks is one of the attractions at this national park.

In addition, this National Park surrounds by crystal-clear beaches, waterfalls, and hot springs.

Because of the enormous variety of marine life that inhabits this West Papuan tourist hotspot, it has been regarded as a diver’s paradise.

A sense of love for the environment and its creatures can grow within us from here.

2. Framu Lake West Papua Indonesia

The Framu Lake region is in Framu, Ayamaru, and Maybrat Regency. It surrounds by thick trees that make the area on the shore seem cool.

Spending a long time at this West Papua tourist attraction might be a relaxing alternative and make your mind fresher, especially if you go early in the morning.

Framu Lake is popular for its clean water surface. The water in this West Papua tourist hotspot is truly blue and clear.

You can enjoy relaxing time with family and friends when the holidays arrive. The natural beauty around it will make the mind more relaxed and fresh.

3. Meja Mountain

The next destination you can visit is Meja Mountain. It is not located in a mountainous area but is located in the middle of the territory of the capital city of West Papua, Manokwari.

As the name implies, the appearance of this mountain looks like a table. It happens especially if you see it from a distance.

It is transformed into a leisure space for hiking and picnicking. This West Papua tourism site is also a protected forest region, so the plants and species that dwell there are highly preserved.

You can find rare birds and plants when you walk around this tourism forest in West Papua.

4. Doreri Bay

Another tourist destination in West Papua that offers natural beauty under the sea is Doreri Bay. This place is quite famous among local people and outside because of its beauty.

Not only can you enjoy the beautiful marine biota that lives in the waters of Doreri Bay, but this tourist attraction in West Papua Indonesia is also a diving destination.

This is because there is a diving point to get a closer look at the remains of the Second World War ships that sank in this place.

You can make this a tourist destination while learning about the history that once existed in Indonesia.

In addition, this also helps provide new experiences during holidays with friends and family.

That was information related to the best place to visit in West Papua Indonesia.

You can include the list of places above in your vacation list which can make the experience unforgettable and enjoyable.

For that, make sure to provide all the preparations you need for the holidays later.