West Papua Info: How West Papua’s IT is Changing the Cultural Liability

West Papua Info: How West Papua's IT Revolution is Changing the Cultural Liability
Sumber : Media Indonesia

West Papua Info – The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has built thousands of 4G base transceiver station (BTS) towers (Kominfo). It supports digital ecosystems and infrastructure in Papua and Papua Bara and the Proudly Made in Indonesia National Movement (Gernas BBI).

West Papua Info: How West Papua's IT Revolution is Changing the Cultural Liability
Sumber : Media Indonesia

West Papua Info Getting More Advance

In his online statement at the culmination of the National Movement event, Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo), Johnny G Plate, stated that kominfo has erected 1,591 4G BTS throughout 2021 and is aiming to create 406 4G BTS by 2022. 

Johnny said his party has also installed internet connections at 1,702 public service sites throughout Papua and West Papua, including educational institutions, local government buildings, hospitals, and other government services.

According to Johnny, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics still intends to organize events for 100 MSME businesses and 200 tourist and creative economy members this year to support the digital ecosystem of MSMEs in Papua and West Papua (Parekraf). Assistance includes

  • Teaching English to tourist actors through digital platforms,
  • Providing sustainable MSME training, and
  • Promoting digital literacy on West Papua info.

“As a result, the local administration is more proactive in encouraging local people and indigenous Papuans to participate” (OAP). These numerous initiatives aim to elevate and enhance Papuan MSME items, including clothing, handicrafts, and artisan culinary arts, to become “high-value products,” according to the Minister of Communication and Information.

In this way, the Minister of Communication and Information added, the MSME/UMi Papua goods should shine even more as the brilliant morning light for the archipelago and even the regional stage, much as the term “Binar.”

West Papua Community Information Group

When it comes to the Community Information Group (KIM) problem, the paradigm between eastern Indonesia and other parts of the country is a little different.

In other words, with this KIM, they meet to discuss working with the government as partners to become development actors. But before we can implement KIM independently of the information user’s awareness, we in Papua still need a little empowerment on West Papua info, including an attitude change.

Therefore, the presence of the government is how it can support everything, with KIM’s existence as a public institution formed/managed by, by, and for the community.

As he concluded, he said, “Of course they (the community) independently recognize all the potential around them to be discussed/discussed together on an idea proposed in the framework of increasing information and communication as a component in enhancing the economics of the group.”

The necessity for strengthening West Papua info in the areas of art, culture, and technology through arts and culture universities in Indonesia was taken into consideration by the Director General of Higher Education (Dirjen Dikti) Nizam.

Wrapping Up

Of course, the primary objective of the newest technological advancements is to make it simpler for people to perform a task. Nowadays, we need a smartphone to communicate remotely as opposed to the days when we had to convey news across the island by mail or via other individuals. Information is easily accessible in the high-tech world of West Papua info. Especially with the many social network platforms. 

It turns out that technology advancements like those of today, although they can obtain information fast and reap positive benefits, negatively influence other people if not managed. Therefore, the Papuan people exhorted to make sensible use of and gain from contemporary technology.