West Papua Natural Wonders Which Can be a Tourist Destination

West Papua Natural Wonders Which Can be a Tourist Destination

West Papua natural wonders are known to have incomparable beauty. The tourists can visit to enjoy the beautiful and awake nature. Usually, when it comes to natural tourism in Papua, what comes to mind is Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat has been included in the list of destinations recommended by foreign media. To travel to Raja Ampat does need a larger fee, but Raja Ampat itself is not intended for mass tourism to protect marine life.

However, it turns out that there are still many hidden paradises of other amazing Papuan natural attractions. Papua is said to be paradise in eastern Indonesia. There are lots of natural tours and many visitors besides Raja Ampat tourism which is certainly well known in the world.

Cendrawasih Bay National Park as One of West Papua Natural Wonders

As the name suggests, Cendrawasih Bay National Park is located in Cendrawasih Bay, West Papua. As much as 90 percent of the area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis national park is water which makes it a national park with the widest waters.

This national park was inaugurated in 1993. Since then, there have been approximately 500 species of coral reefs, 950 species of reef fish, 196 mollusks and various other fauna that you may have never seen.

Other than enjoying the beauty of the underwater world, you can also visit small islands around the National Park, such as Rumberpon Island, Mioswaar Island, Roon Island, and so on.

The Amazing Kiti-kiti Waterfall

Kiti-Kiti water is different from the usual waterfall that flows into the river. The torrent of water that fell from the cliff in this waterfall immediately fell into the open sea in Nusalasi Bay.

Inevitably if you visit this place, you will get a two in one tour. In addition to bathing in waterfalls, swimming in the open sea around it can also be an attractive tourist option.

You can find the beauty of Kiti-kiti waterfall in the Nusalasi Bay Coastal Park Conservation Area, Fakfak Regency, West Papua. One way to visit it is by using a twin-engine motorboat with a speed of 25 knots from Fakfak with a travel time of 4 hours.

Rumberpon Island

Rumberpon Island is one of West Papua natural wonders that offers a calm atmosphere, both the island and the sea water. One of the advantages of this island is that there are several beautiful spots for those of you who like photography, such as on Long Beach.

For those of you who like diving, Rumberporn Island is known to have one of the best diving spots in Papua. There are also rare animals that are only found on Rumberpon Island.

You can find the beauty of Rumperporn Island in the north of Teluk Wondama Regency and in the south of Manokwari Regency, West Papua.

Kali Kaca, A Hidden Tourism Paradise in West Papua

Located in Maybrat Regency, Bawi Village, West Papua Province, Ayamaru this small river has very clear water that makes it looks like glass.

This West Papua natural wonders place has a lot of tours that can be visited in the Land of West Papua. Not only are the springs natural, but the rivers are also interesting.

You can see river rocks that scattered in the bottom of the river. You can also enjoy the cool scenery in this destination. Surrounded by lots of trees that are still beautiful and reflect the river water which makes the lake beautiful.

According to Maps, the distance from Sorong is 3-4 hours or so. After passing Kampoeng Saloek and Lake Farmu Ayamaru before arriving at the desired place.

Those are some tourist attractions in West Papua that you can visit while on vacation to this island. West Papua natural wonders have indeed become the world’s attention because of their beauty that makes many people amazed.



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Description: West Papua natural wonders have indeed become the world’s attention because of their beauty that makes many people amazed