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West Papua Nature and Beautiful Tourism Attraction

The West Papua nature is for sure one of the best in Indonesia. That province has the widest tropical forest in the country and even in the world at the present time.

Lately, The head of the Regional Research and Development Agency (Balitbangda) of that Province, Charlie Heatubun, said the area of tropical forest there reached 9,730,550 hectares.

It means that it is around 90 percent of the area of the province. For your information, the total area there is for about 143,076 kilometers in total.

The “New Champion”

Furthermroe, the West Papua nature is also called as the “new champion” because of its wide jungle and still healthy at the same time. The forest there can be divided into several areas.

Those areas are the protected forest (1.6 million hectares), conservation (1.7 million ha), other lands (342 thousands ha), and the production jungle for about 6.03 million hectares.

They also come in the different types such as the mangrove, low land, swamps, up to the low mountain type. That condition makes them have so many natural attractions.

The West Papua Nature Attractions

The one that becomes a star of the natural attraction there is for sure the tropical forest. However, there is one more place which is so popular and it is called as the Raja almost.

That regency is known for its sea and underwater world. Many people and parties say it as one of the most beautiful area in the world with its diverse sea creatures.

Quoted from a source, the corals in that Raja Ampat sea is the most complete one in this universe. From 537 species of corals, you can see 75% of it in Raja Ampat.

The National Marine Park in West Papua

Besides Raja Ampat, another mesmerizing place to visit is the Teluk Cenderawasih National Park. This area is quite famous among the divers and those who love this activity.

It is a beautiful West Papua nature and this national marine park itself is also the widest one in Indonesia. From the data, there are for about 209 different species of fishes living there.

Another good thing about this destination is the four different turtles which are commonly seen there. Those species are the green, hawksbill, lekang, and the leatherback turtle.

It is so amazing to see those turtles swimming and living in their natural habitats. That is why; the tourists and visitors always join a tour which can visit this national marine park.

The Nature Tourism Park Near the City Center

Sometimes maybe the people just want to visut the West Papua nature which is not too far from the city center. For this case, the Meja Mountain nature tourism is a good choice.

The local people say it as the Taman Wisata Alam Gunung Meja and it is located in the city center of Manokwari. The adventurer will really love this amazing destination in Indonesia.

What can be seen there are hundred kinds of trees, bushes, herbs, and many other typical tropical plants. The flowers species there are also diverse and they are really beautiful.

The flowers which can be seen there are like the orchid, jasmine, etc. People are also able to see the healthy palm trees and rattan in their natural habitat.

The West Papua Nature and Its Function

The nature in that province is not only maintained as a part to make the area is more beautiful. Furthermore, it has a lot of functions which are beneficial for the whole creatures.

The first function is for sure as a tourism attraction. The second one is for protecting the life system, especially for us as a human race

This province is blessed to have the natural condition like this. The West Papua nature will protect the whole species of plants, animals, and their uniqueness.





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