West Papua Renewable Energy Roadmap : A Comprehensive Analysis

West Papua

West Papua is one of the regions of Eastern Indonesia whose development is considered to be uneven. One of them is evidenced by the development in the field of renewable energy.

The portion of renewable energy in the Papua and West Papua regions is very small, namely 4.5% of the total electricity generation in the region.

Therefore, the government is trying to encourage the acceleration of renewable energy in Indonesia, especially the West Papua region.

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is an energy source that is make from nature and can be renewed unlimitedly and continuously.

This energy is use as an alternative by scientists because the supply of non-renewable energy sources is getting less and less.

There are several renewable energies that are currently utilize by humans. For example wind, solar power and ocean heat.

Apart from being a solution to overcome the scarcity of non-renewable energy, renewable energy also has other benefits.

The use of energy from nature can minimize the effects of global warming and improve public health. In addition, renewable energy can also save more energy.

West Papua’s Renewable Energy Roadmap

Renewable energy potential in West Papua in 2019 reached 7,194. However, the installed capacity only reaches 5.

However, currently the Papuan government plans to develop this renewable energy potential. The reason is that it can produce electricity in larger quantities.

1. Still in the Research Process

Although it has realize in a small percentage, according to the government, renewable energy in West Papua is still in the research stage.

This is a natural thing because in the last few years there are still several areas in Papua that have not touch by electricity.

However, the government is committed to developing this renewable energy in Papua because it is considered more useful and profitable.

2. Become the Focus of Energy Equity in West Papua

Papua and West Papua are also one of the focuses of energy distribution in Indonesia.

From 2012 to 2017, the government built 54 renewable energy power plants in the area. However, the present amount is consider to be small compare to the existing potential.

After 2017, renewable energy in Papua and West Papua continues to experience development to this day.

3. Continually Experiencing Improvement Since 2014

Renewable energy in the Papua region has continued to increase since 2014. This is motivate by the Indonesian government’s focus on developing Eastern Indonesia, including Papua.

Apart from that, this is also motivate by the enormous potential for renewable energy in Papua and West Papua.

Renewable energy capacity installed in Papua from 2014 to 2019 has always increased. In fact, in 2019 it experienced a drastic increase.

4. In 2021 Become the Most Power Plant

Despite being developing regions and still under construction, Papua and West Papua will have the most renewable energy generators in Indonesia in 2021.

In that year, Papua and West Papua had 77 units of renewable energy generators.

Of the 77 units, PLTA has 17 units and PLTS has 60 units. This number is expect to continue to increase in the following years.

5. Installed Capacity is Still Relatively Small

Despite being the region with the most renewable energy generators in Indonesia, Papua still have a small installed capacity.

The capacity only reaches 35.5 MW. Meanwhile, the total capacity of power plants in Papua reaches 793 MW.

Thus, it can be understand that the utilization of renewable energy in the Papua and West Papua regions is still minimal. This was influence by the lack of incoming investment.

From the journey of renewable energy in Papua and West Papua above, it can be understand that currently the region is maximizing the development of renewable energy.