West Papua Role in Indonesia’s Blue Economy Strategy

West Papua

West Papua is one of the areas in Indonesia which is filled with the beauty of the sea.

Because of the great potential in this area, the Indonesian government is trying to develop marine ecosystems. One of them is by creating a blue economy.

In carrying out this mission, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (Kementerian Kelautan dan Perikanan) focuses on marine waters in the Waigo Islands and the Raja Ampat Islands.

What is The Blue Economy?

The blue economy is a sustainable development effort in the economic sector that is closely related to the environment and development.

As a member of the PBB, Indonesia raises the issue of marine and coastal development in potential areas such as West Papua.

Among Indonesia’s efforts to create a blue economy in West Papua is to provide a larger budget allocation for infrastructure development.

Thus, the marine sector in the area continues to increase, especially in fisheries production.

Several Roles of West Papua in Enhancing the Blue Economy in Indonesia

West Papua is an area that has very wide waters. Therefore, the region has a significant role in developing the blue economy in Indonesia.

Not only the potential in the economy but also the potential in the development of natural tourism.

Here are some of their roles in the blue economy program:

1. Has a Very Wide Ocean

The sea area in West Papua reaches 106,598.9 km2. With this area, the potential in it will also be greater.

Therefore, West Papua, especially the Raja Ampat region, is one of the focuses of the Indonesian government in building a blue economy.

The great marine economic potential is expect to bring prosperity to the people and the country.

Even though many people in West Papua are working in the fisheries sector, there is still much that needs to be improve so that they will be more prosperous.

2. Has Lots of Fisherman Resources

Because it has a large sea area, West Papua has many human resources who work as fishermen.

Some of them are reliable and experienced fishermen. This is a great potential for Indonesia to improve the economy in the marine sector.

To maximize the performance and welfare of fishermen, the local government often holds training related to fisheries.

In fact, currently the Indonesian government has designed a special program to create a blue economy in West Papua.

3. Becoming the Focus of Government Development

The government through the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries has several focuses on blue economy development in Papua.

The vast sea area in West Papua which produces fish in large quantities makes Indonesia a large fish exporting country.

Therefore, the government hopes that Papua will attract more attention from the world with various efforts such as marine spatial planning; environmentally friendly fish farming to measurable fishing.

4. Have Many Beautiful Marine Tours

Besides being famous for producing fish in large quantities, Papua also has many natural attractions.

Marine tourism in the region is also in great demand by the world. The natural beauty that is still pure in Indonesia is one of the destinations sought by the world community.

This natural tourism also encourages the government to improve marine conservation, one of which is by providing more budget for infrastructure development.

Among the famous natural attractions in West Papua are the Cendrawasih Bay National Park, Saleo Raja Ampat Beach and Pasir Timbul Beach.

With these various potentials, West Papua is one of the regions in Indonesia that plays an important role in the development of the blue economy.

If the program is run optimally, Indonesia will become a richer country because of marine products.