3 West Papua Special Drinks That Totally Deserve a Try

West Papua Special Drinks That Totally Deserve a Try

These West Papua special drinks are incredible. In addition to quenching your thirst, these cool beverages can teach you new things about the province’s culinary tradition.

Since there are so many delectable beverages in West Papua, you could find the menu of drinks overwhelming. Here is a list of the most popular beverages you must try while visiting this stunning area. Take a sip and enjoy!

1. Kayu Akway

Kayu Akway

Akway, or akwey, thrives in the hilly areas of Manokwari. Most Arfak people take it to increase their stamina. However, some people in Manokwari came up with a fresh idea for promoting this indigenous plant. Akway is made into a hot beverage that is perfect for cold days.

The campaign also attempts to make local produce more well-known. A glass of Kayu Akway is made up of elephant ginger, honey, brown sugar, and akway bark. It is sweet and has a pleasant kick of spice.

The Arfak tribe chews the bark of the akway plant to boost stamina during lengthy treks through difficult terrain. As for women, akway helps to fertilize the womb and lessen menstrual pain.

Akway bark contains many antioxidants, such as flavonoids, saponins, and tannins. They make tasty, nutritious beverages.

2. Kopi Senang

Kopi Senang

Knowing what is in the world of coffee can be challenging, with so many options on the market. Kopi Senang, however, can be ideal if you are looking for something new for your morning coffee or buying a present for the coffee lover in your life.

The name says it all: it is the coffee that will bring you happiness! In Indonesian, “senang” translates to “happy.” Herlina Tios, a businesswoman from Padang, initially introduced Kopi Senang in 1985.

She did not have any coffee farms in Sorong, but she transported robusta to the city for processing from various locations. Its distinctive flavor from the majority of Arabica-based coffees in the region contributes to its popularity in West Papua.

The other reason is simply the nameā€”it is very catchy. Locals even came up with a proverb: “Drink a cup of Kopi Senang, and life will be full of happiness.” All in all, Kopi Senang is the perfect souvenir for anyone who visits Sorong.


MOSCADA - West Papua Special Drinks

You are probably well aware of the versatility of nutmeg as a spice for sweet and savory dishes. On the other hand, they typically go into drinks as an ingredient to add some spice, especially to cocktails.

Nevertheless, it is interesting that in Fakfak, local female farmers came up with a novel way to turn nutmeg into syrup.

MOSCADA is a sweet, nutmeg-based syrup. GEMAPALA, the Association for Advancement of Small Business (Indonesian: Perkumpulan untuk Peningkatan Usaha Kecil, or PUPUK), and the Asia Foundation worked together to launch it in late 2021.

The nutmeg comes from neighborhood gardens where the Fakfak ladies are committed to protecting this endemic species. In fact, Fakfak is West Papua’s largest producer of nutmeg.

When you add some ice, the MOSCADA becomes a cool beverage you can sip on during a hot summer day. Alternatively, you can serve it warm to keep you going strong through the winter months.

Final Words

People often associate West Papua with alcoholic beverages. But apart from cocktails, there are plenty of natural drinks from the land of Papua and their concoctions that you should try!

Did the list pique your interest in West Papua’s distinctive culinary tradition? What drinks are you most excited to try? Whichever you choose, plan your vacation to West Papua to sample some of West Papua’s special drinks. Or, buy it as a souvenir and try it with your family at home!