West Papua Sports and Games : Celebrating Local Athletes and Cultures

West Papua

The sports sector in West Papua does not yet have many enthusiasts. In fact, the government continuously provides motivation to the younger generation to become talented athletes.

So they can represent this province on the national and international arena. Does it have anything to do with culture?

Development of the Sports Field in West Papua

Development in the field of sports is always carried out to bring up talented young athletes in various sports.

The Indonesian National Youth Committee’s Central Leadership Council (KNPI) expects that West Papua’s youth sports talent will grow, particularly in the fields of football and volleyball.

The West Papuan province and district administrations should set aside funds exclusively to boost sporting accomplishments throughout the country,

Especially in West Papua, the agency’s deputy chairman hopes.

This organization has prioritized youth development because it recognizes the potential of young people throughout Indonesia.

The youngsters of the millennial generation are increasingly more interested in sports, the arts, and digital technology.

Opportunities for Sports Development at the 2021 PON Event

The twentieth iteration of the Indonesian National Sports Week, hosted by Papua, was known as the XX National Sports Week,

Also known as PON XX Papua or PON Papua 2021. The event ran from October 2 through October 15, 2021.

The primary location for this edition’s opening and closing ceremonies was Lukas Enembe Stadium.

This event provides a great opportunity and increases the motivation of the young generation in West Papua to be able to pursue sports and have an interest in one of the sports that are contested.

Apart from that, this event was also able to introduce Papuan culture more broadly through the media.

With this event, people from various regions can clearly know about how the culture is carried out by the people there because the performances at that time still carried a cultural theme.

Why Should Society Participate in Sports?

Maybe some of you are a little confused, why the field of sports plays an important role in driving the progress of the life of a region.

Of course this also relates to various aspects in life. To find out more details, see the explanation below carefully!

1. Improve Creativity the Young Generation

The main purpose of participating in sports events organized by the government is to encourage and increase the activity of the younger generation.

Besides that, the spread of digital technology in Papua, especially in the western part, is still not very rapid, making it easy for the government to attract young people.

If this is carry out properly, it will certainly have a good impact on every aspect of life in society.

Not only that, the ease of access to education can also be affect by the participation of the younger generation in certain sporting events or branches.

Therefore, the government must aggressively realize this.

2. Present the Culture

In the era of digital technology like today, it is getting easier for the government to introduce people’s culture from various regions.

In addition, the media also helps facilitate public access in obtaining updated information. And education from various sources and of course credibility.

Of course this has a lot to do with sports. If the younger generation succeeds in getting involve in sports, their name and the area they occupy will become famous.

They can also introduce culture from West Papua to everyone through the help of the media. So that access to these remote areas becomes easier.

That was information related to West Papua’s Sports and Games. Celebrating Local Athletes and Cultures to help increase the interest of the younger generation

To directly become athletes in the sports they want and also help introduce Papua to everyone in various regions.