West Papua Surf Held International Surfing Competition in Manokwari

The abundance of marine life and the isolated villagers’ interest are nearly as attractive as the empty, uncrowded waves in this genuine experience. You won’t forget this particular West Papua surf experience for a long time once the trip is over.

white surfboard vertically standing on seashore


An Introduction to Bakaro Beach

Bakaro Beach is located in the East Manokwari District, Manokwari Regency, West Papua Province, and has the potential for marine tourism, wild wave surfing, or surfing. If the development is carried out optimally, it will attract domestic and foreign tourists to surf in Manokwari.

“Bakaro Beach has challenging waves and is very suitable for tourists who like the world of surfing,” said Lam Ganda Sari Sitinjak, a scholarship recipient for the Maritime Ambassador School of the Association of Islands and Coastal Regional Governments (ASPEKSINDO)

According to him, the development of the intended destination must involve young people who understand the surfing world.

Expanding West Papua Surf to the World

After that, the following strategy is to intensify promotions through various digital platforms. Such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, and even particular websites that are representative and informative.

“You can imagine the potential for West Papua surfing to boost the number of local, national, and even foreign tourists,” said Sari Sitinjak.

Overall, he continued, the development of tourism potential in West Papua requires the support of adequate infrastructure. He started from transportation connectivity, and accommodation, to telecommunications infrastructure.

“The internet is the new backbone for regional tourism promotion,” he said.

Sari Sitinjak is determined to help develop the tourism sector in West Papua through digital media. Promotion methods are carried out intensely, conveying them to tourists worldwide.

“Especially now in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, almost all people use the internet,” concluded Sari Sitinjak.

West Papua International Surfing Competition 

West Papua’s acting governor, Komjen Pol. (Ret.) Drs. Paulus Waterpauw, M.Si still promotes Tourism till now. In addition to Raja Ampat, West Papua also has Bintuni, Sorong City, Fakfak, and other locations that could see tourism development. He claimed that his spouse had just visited one of the Raja Ampat tourist destinations and earned tremendous praise.

“West Papua is well known for its exceptional natural riches, as was demonstrated yesterday when a buddy who works in the travel industry went to Raja Ampat. They startled me, the assistants, and the head of the service when they explained everything to us. 

On Monday, August 8, 2022, he remarked, “What I recall, Mr. Paul, is that you don’t have to go far overseas since everything is in West Papua.”

In response to his colleague’s comments, the acting governor said that Raja Ampat was merely a minor portion of West Papua’s tourist potential. His party will host an international water sports competition in Manokwari to promote tourism and make West Papua more well-known worldwide.

A worldwide surfing tournament will take place at Manokwari. I think it’ll happen in December,” he said.

His party is also working to promote an event for visitors who arrive later and speed up Table Mountain tourism development. The goal is for Table Mountain to develop into West Papua’s “Bogor,” he stated.

Where to Surf in West Papua?

Even though West Papua surf isn’t as good as Mentawai’s and doesn’t often get as much swell, it still has a lot of potential and good quality. Instead, you’ll find yourself infrequently surfing left- and right-hand reef sets and finding new waves. 

The water is warm, the breaks are uncrowded, and the stoke is outstanding. Given how few surfers have used them, it would be foolish to divulge the known surf spots in such uncharted territory. It is sufficient to mention that several reef breaks exist; they provide warm empty water perfection on their best days.

Finding new waves is more important than surfing old ones on travels to West Papua. One of the remaining places where this is still a possibility for surfing is the Raja Ampat archipelago, which comprises almost 1,500 islands.