West Papua Tourism – Snorkeling Tips for Beginner in Gamfi Island Raja Ampat

There are many great places that you can find when visiting Raja Ampat, West Papua. One of the essential things to see is Gamfi Island in the Misool Island area. The calm water is the best location for snorkeling for beginners. If you want to have the best experience when visiting this island area, you can try a few tips as follows!

Attractions in Gamfi Island

Gamfi Island is one of the places that have incredible natural beauty. This island offers white sand beaches and turquoise green seawater. In addition, there is also a karst island lined up in front of it. If you want to see the beauty clearly, try to make a little more effort. You have to climb the hill to get a clear view.

The characteristics of this island have hills that are not too high, and the path is clear. However, the road to get to the top tends to be difficult because there are sharp boulders at the top. For this reason, tourists are also advised to be careful when trekking on the island of Gamfi. After reaching the top, you can capture the best moments.

Fulfilled with seeing the beauty on top of the Gamfi hill, you must know the beauty of the beautiful seawater in West Papua. The white sand beaches attract visitors who come. The calm seawater provides the best option for tourists to spend a lot of water activities. One thing you can do is swim or snorkel to see underwater life.

If you don’t want to get wet in seawater, you should try other alternative activities. You can still see fish under the sea’s surface using the available boats with rental facilities. Thanks to this facility, you can still enjoy the beauty of the ocean from Gamfi Island. So, you can get an exciting experience when visiting this location.

Activities Tips in Gamfi Island

The wonders of the Gamfi island are of incomparable beauty. One of the activities you can choose to spend your vacation on is snorkeling. It is the best way to explore the underwater depths with a diving mask and snorkel. However, before trying this activity on the island of Gamfi, there are many things you need to know. Read on for the following tips and tricks for snorkeling beginners

1. Do Simple Exercises

Before snorkeling in West Papua, remember that most people need some practice. This will support your safety while exploring the Gamfi island. In addition, this is also an opportunity to get to know snorkeling equipment, practice breathing techniques, and feel comfortable in the water. Most beginners are not used to mouth breathing so it takes practice.

2. Ensure Complete Snorkeling Equipment

Make sure if you have the right equipment to snorkel on Gamfi Island. Consider a snorkel stuff rental or a travel agent provider if you don’t have this equipment. As a result, it can be easier to spot everyday marine life in the area before committing. Also, understand if complete kit will support safety and experience while on vacation.

Also, make sure that the mask over your eyes is the right size for your head. You should also see if there are no loops and the straps are flat over the ears. Do not wear your mask strap because the mask can come off. Over time, water will sweep in. The mask strap should fit snugly around your head when using the snorkel in West Papua waters.

3. Removing Excess Water From The Mask

One of the essential things about snorkeling is getting the water straight out of the mask. Therefore, you can learn this technique before getting into the water. You can use various methods, one of which is to prepare a snorkeling mask free of water. If your mask must be filled with water, don’t panic. You can always come to the surface to get rid of the water.

4. Maintain Energy With Feet

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There is no doubt that the fins add more dynamic underwater mobility. Suppose you are a beginner snorkeler. Try finding full toe fins and flexible fins. These fish fins are a must-have item when snorkeling for beginners. Make sure you find the right one before leaving. Do not use the fin too loose or too narrow or tight.

5. Don’t Touch the Coral

Beginner snorkelers who are just doing this activity for the first time will be amazed to see the corals and living organisms in West Papua. You have to follow some rules – don’t stand on it, don’t hold it, and keep your feet up. The feet must be on top to avoid hitting the rock. In addition, you should not touch marine life because it is a bit vulnerable.

Overall, Gamfi island is the best choice for a vacation. You can try snorkeling activities as an opportunity for tourists to explore nature. It is an opportunity to witness firsthand the mystical wonders of the sea up close. However, you must adhere to the rules to be a safe beginner snorkeler. With this in mind, you will get the best experience when visiting Gamfi island.