Get to Know Here are West Papua Traditional Game

West Papua Traditional Game

West Papua Traditional Game – Papua is known for its tribes, stunning landscapes, languages and unique traditions.

As a province in Indonesia, West Papua is rich in local culture. This local culture includes traditional games. Then, what are West Papua traditional games?

Here are 9 List West Papua Traditional Game

Here are some types of typical traditional games in West Papua Province that Papuan teenage children usually play.

West Papuan children still play some games, but some players have abandoned them.

1. Batu Sepuluh

This group of children’s games comes from the bird’s head area, Papua island. Boys and girls usually play this game.

2. Ampakeari

Ampakeari is a traditional game that carries local cultural values and cultural heritage.

The name of this game comes from the name of the white shrub fruit. Amakeari fruit proliferates in swamp areas in Waropen Regency, Papua.

Not only young people but also parents often play this game when putting their children to sleep. Players will collect children who have yet to sleep in the house or outside.

3. Hawam

Traditional games aim to train agility and javelin-throwing skills.

The javelin is a piece of wood with a length of two meters and a pointed end. The target of the throw is a soft tree trunk, such as a banana tree trunk.

4. Mengget

This archery game uses arrows from sticks; the target is a soft banana tree trunk. The player who sticks his hands in large numbers will be the winner.

5. Mongonu

Monggonu is a cooking game for girls. Usually, they play in the yard of the house. It’s rare for boys to play because it’s specifically for girls.

6. Korkouria

Korkouria is a traditional game to train skill and courage. The way to play is by swinging in the air using forest ropes.

Korkouria is a typical game created by ethnic Bahamas. Based on its history, this game has existed since the time of the Baham tribe living in Papua.

Players usually choose a location full of challenges, such as a cliff by a river or sea. If the rope used for swinging breaks, the player will freely plunge into the water.

7. Teke Giach

Teke Giach or Teke Fala Boos is a game to train a child’s skills and agility in hunting and traditional warfare.

This game is from Sorong City, Sorong Regency, Maybrat Regency, South Sorong Regency and Tambrauw Regency.

This game uses wood pieces and banana stems. Players stab the banana trunk and use wood as a target. Meanwhile, Teke Fala Boos uses corn kernels to throw.

8. Yesechka Asya

This West Papua traditional game is a type of game with the aim of training agility to stab a tight rope. To support the game, players need small rattan ropes and sharp sticks.

Next, the players throw the rattan circle upside down, and the players get ready to stab. This activity is played by two or more children alternately.

9. Name Aret

Name Aret is a traditional game from Ayamaru, Maybrat, and West Papua. Usually, those who play are local boys who are in their teens.

This game trains children to go hunting in the forest, and the movements in the game show how to throw a wooden spear to hit the target precisely.

How about the West Papua traditional games above? To play it, you don’t have to go to West Papua. However, prioritize safety and avoid games you are less able to do.