West Papua Travel Advice for Rookie Travelers

The region’s weak infrastructure, strict rules, tumultuous socio-political atmosphere, and almost nonexistent signal significantly restrict communication and transportation inside the area.  For this reason, it continues to be one of Indonesia’s most remote and inaccessible regions. Now, leave your worry to this West Papua travel advice.

West Papua Travel Advice for Rookie Travelers


West Papua Travel Advice in Raja Ampat

When traveling to Raja Ampat, you don’t want to miss the underwater beauty of Misol Island and Waigeo Island, which are always the target of domestic and foreign tourists. If you only have one day in Raja Empat, it’s best to stay in Waigeo and then take a one-day trip with the following tourist destinations: 

  • Pianemo Hill

Pianemo Hill is a karst cluster near the large island of Waigeo in Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua. Located in Groot Fam, Saukabu, West Waigeo Islands, it takes two hours by fast boat from Sorong City to get to this place. 

Pianemo is also known as the miniature Wayag. Wayag is one of the karst islands in Raja Ampat. Reaching the top of Pianemo Hill is also not easy. The first West Papua travel advice is to climb 320 stairs or about 20 to 30 minutes to reach the top.

  • Telaga Bintang

Only three minutes from Pianemo Hill, Telaga Bintang offers a beauty that is not inferior to other places. From the top of the hill, you will see a star-shaped headland. It took five minutes to reach the top of Bukit Telaga Bintang. 

Tourists should be careful when climbing to the top of the hill. Narrow and steep roads become a challenge when climbing.

  • Friwen Island

West Papua travel advice in Raja Ampat is to visit beautiful beaches in the South Waigeo District. Friwen Island, the white sand beach, stretches for three kilometers. The sea is calm and clear. 

That said, the beach on Friwen Island is more beautiful than Marsua Island and Kri Island. This location is suitable for diving or diving activities for professionals and beginners. The underwater panorama on this island spoils our eyes.

The Best Time to Visit West Papua 

  • Witness the Enchantment of the Maritime Festival in October

The best time to visit Raja Ampat is around October. There is a large maritime festival. On Waigeo Island, an unusual occasion takes place. The festival featured a variety of exhibits, such as diving in several locales, traditional boats, and Papuan culinary delicacies.

In addition to the festival, various water sports can also be done, such as snorkeling. At that time, different types of ornamental fish could be seen clearly in the underwater garden. One of them is manta rays. They usually gather and clean themselves to look for food behind coral reefs.

  • Fun Diving in November-December

The rainy season starts in November-December. However, the intensity is still rare. It only happens at night. Well, from when morning until noon, another West Papua travel advice you can do is diving activities. 

Some ideal dive sites include Manta Sardy, Teluk Kri, Mios Kon, Arborek, Yenbuba, and Sardines. Besides diving, you can also watch the action of dolphins and orca whales. 

Yenpapir Island is the best place to watch the show. Usually, dolphins start acting in the morning or evening. In addition, there is a paradise dance that takes place every 05.00-06.00 in the morning.

  • Visiting Wayag in February

Wayag Island is a mainstay tourist area in Raja Ampat. The best time to visit this place is in February. Because the wind conditions at that time were not strong, the sea was rarely choppy so that tourists could cross safely.

The distance from Wayag Island to the capital city of Raja Ampat is quite far. You have to travel by ferry for several hours. However, all that will be cured when you arrive at Wayag Island. 

There are clusters of rocks covered in green vegetation. Not to forget, the turquoise sea and white sand are the main attractions in Raja Ampat.

Wrapping Up

You’ve reached the end of the West Papua travel advice we have gathered for you. It is ideal to go when one of the several tribal festivals, where tribespeople gathers to celebrate their customary ways of life, is taking place.