West Papua Tribe Backpacking to Get to Know Their Traditions

West Papua Tribe Backpacking

West Papua Tribe Backpacking – Indonesia has many ethnic groups, one of which is West Papua.

In reality, readers should be aware of the diverse indigenous and traditional ethnic groups in this province.

It’s no wonder that West Papua tribe backpacking has become a destination for many backpackers because they can learn many things here.

West Papua Tribe Backpacking

This is the ideal location for you to appreciate the beauty of nature and the underwater world, which is popular as an underwater paradise.

Have a fascinating cultural heritage, visit old artwork sites on coral cliffs, or marvel at the uncommon attractions of huge creatures in the seas.

One of the places that keeps the beauty of nature and its people is West Papua.

It is a province with the capital city of Manokwari, and it has numerous prominent tourist attractions such as nature tourism, historical tourism, cultural tourism, special interest tourism, culinary tourism, and many others.

Raja Ampat Waters, Mansinam Island, the Tapurarang Archaeological Site, and Triton Bay are popular natural attractions.

There are also many Papuan tribes and their respective uniqueness, so it is very suitable for you to make as a backpacking destination during your spare time.

West Papua Tribe and Their Traditions

West Papua’s ethnic groupings are classified into two types: traditional tribes and contemporary tribes.

Traditional tribes have a relatively limited range and primarily inhabit forest and inland locations.

This will be a fun and unforgettable adventure because you can find out the whereabouts of these tribes.

  • Arfak Tribe

The Arfak tribe is a significant traditional tribe in Papua, more specifically West Papua. Because this communal group lives in the Arfak Mountains, the Arfak tribe is familiar as an inland tribe.

This tribe is a group of individuals who uphold the customs that are unique to their tribe.

In reality, two dance arts are still practiced by this tribe, namely the Tumbuk Dance and the Tambuk Tanah Dance.

This is one of the Arfak tribe’s benefits, in addition to the area’s abundance of tourism attractions, according to several experts. This can be a place to learn culture as well as relax.

  • Irarutu Tribe

The next tribe is Irarutu. The Irarutu tribe is West Papua’s largest ethnic group. These communal groups are numerous and widespread throughout West Papua.

However, the Irarutu tribe primarily occupies coastal locations, with some living in upland places.

This tribal society promotes peace, tolerance, and feelings of mutual affection among its members. One of the well-known traditions in this tribe is the sasi tradition.

Sasi is a local term meaning ‘ban’. This tradition begins with the Sirosa dance and the typical Irarutu song. The men play the tifa, while the women dance, moving their legs.

  • Doteri Tribe

The Doteri Tribe is an ethnic group in West Papua that lives along the coast. However, this group is not indigenous to West Papua, but rather an immigration tribe from Numfor Island.

Even yet, this community of fishermen can coexist peacefully with the indigenous people of West Papua.

The number of people was not too much and only reached a few thousand people. Therefore, this tribe is not very popular and even many Indonesian people do not know this tribe in detail.

Nonetheless, the Doteri ethnic group must be maintained as an asset to ethnic diversity.

That was information related to West Papua tribe backpacking that you can use as a destination to learn about the culture and traditions of the tribes in West Papua.

In addition, these places also have a lot of natural beauty that will help relax the body.