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West Papua Water Resources: Opportunity and Challenges

West Papua

West Papua is an area in Indonesia. There are many shortcomings faced by the people of the area, especially in the less clean water sources.

In this case, the government continues to make improvements to be able to help the people of Papua meet their daily needs related to water.

The Opportunity of Providing Adequate Water Resources

The community and the government should work together in providing clean water resources that can be use by everyone properly.

There are several opportunities that can be done to help make this happen. To know more about the information, read the following points below!

In order to maintain the existence of clean water resources in West Papua, the government must carry out periodic monitoring and control.

It should also be noted that the government’s role in this matter is very important and monitoring activities are absolutely essential to be carried out in order to maintain the community’s water needs.

Apart from that, this activity also aims to prevent the existence of water domination by entrepreneurs, unless indeed the need for water resources has been fulfill.

Society will not be able to run well if there is no government intervention in helping them meet their basic needs.

Limit water resources are also cause by a lack of public knowledge about how to use water properly and correctly.

Usually, most people will use water excessively and use the resource for other purposes and even pollute the existence of the water itself.

To overcome this, the government can conduct counseling to convey information regarding the proper use of water resources.

In this case, community behavior plays an important role in helping to maintain the availability of water in nature so that it is maintain without having to be pollute.

The Challenge of Providing Adequate Water Resources

There are several challenges that often become problems. Between the government and the people in Papua regarding the provision of clean water resources.

In this case, both parties must support each other to make this happen. Then, what is the challenge of management?

Deforestation is also one of the challenges in providing clean water resources.

As we already know, West Papua itself is still very well protect. Because many of the tribes there are still living in the forest.

If there is continuous deforestation, the land to absorb rain will be deplete.

Not only that, the authenticity of the Papuan tribes is reduce. In addition, it is easier for dangerous disasters to occur, such as landslides, floods, and many others.

Therefore, the government and the community must be able to work together well. To maintain the existence of the forest, if necessary, they must carry out reforestation.

Environmental pollution can change the cleanliness of water resources. From usable to not usable at all because they are already poison.

Usually, this pollution is caused by industrial waste disposal, insecticide residues, and domestic waste disposal, for example, detergent residue contaminating water.

When there is pollution in water, contaminants accumulate in the bodies of aquatic organisms.

From this, it can be see that environmental pollution in water not only eliminates the presence of clean water,

But can also damage the ecosystem in the water, so that people’s food sources become less and less over time.

That was information related to West Papua’s water resources, which has become a topic of discussion between the public and the government.

In this case, the government has an important role to play in providing good waterways. For the people and helping the people of West Papua get the rights they should already have.

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