The Inspiring Efforts of West Papua Youth Leaders and Innovators

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West Papua – One of the main drivers of a country’s development is its youth. As Indonesia was previously developed by young people who wanted the country to become a prosperous country.

And to be able to support its people, this initiative has continued to this day, with examples such as West Papua’s youth leaders.

The Emergence of the Province’s Youth Leaders and Innovators

Inadequate living conditions often push people to work harder to make their place to live better.

Due to developmental problems that the people of West Papua are still experiencing, many of West Papua’s youth leaders and inventors from this province have risen to answer these problems.

Many of these young leaders and innovators have risen to answer these problems because of how relatable these problems are to their daily lives.

For years, they had to live in conditions where the availability of public facilities inside was not as abundant as in Java and other large islands,

Which made them have to be creative in responding to all the socio-economic problems found in West Papua.

Stories of Young Leaders and Innovators

Many of West Papua’s youth leaders and inventors from the province have earned a positive reputation for their hard work to improve the lives of their people.

Here are some of the most famous examples.

1. Leaders

Several young leaders, such as Yakobus Dumupa, are cited as examples of West Papua’s youth leaders whose life stories have been forged by various socio-economic difficulties in this province.

Coming from a rural area in the deepest parts of Dogiyai, Yakobus has had. To pursue his education countless times amidst all the limitations of existing public facilities.

However, thanks to his hard work, Yakobus was successfully appointed Regent of Dogiyai from 2017 to 2022.

Besides Yakobus, another well-known example of a young leader from West Papua is Kenius Kogoya.

In 2022, Kenius was appointed chairman of the Papua branch of the Indonesian Sports National Committee (KONI).

Given that the people of West Papua have the potential to develop qualified sports athletes,

Kenius realizes that his enthusiasm will be much needed to guide West Papuan youths. To be more serious about building sports infrastructure and developing their athletes’ abilities.

2. Innovators

Besides the young leaders, young scientists and inventors from the province have also gained more widespread recognition in recent years.

For example, in 2020, a group of students and young researchers from Cendrawasih University conduct a study on the maleo bird because there was so little information about this bird.

Join by a group know as Papuan Young Scientists (IMP), they are trying to research the maleo bird,

Which is no less attractive than the titular bird of paradise (cendrawasih), which has long been know to people as an endemic fauna to West Papua.

Apart from being in the science field, West Papuan youths’ creativity is also notice.

To answer this need, a new facility was build, inaugurate by the Indonesian government. In March 2023 under the name Papua Youth Creative Hub.

With the construction of this facility, it is hope that young people from all over Papua.

And not just from West Papua can realize their creativity in various fields, such as the fashion and creative industries.

Apart from these two industries, any fields that can attract the attention of Papuan youths. Can be traine and accommodate as well as possible at the hub.

West Papua’s future development will depend not only on West Papua’s youth leaders. But also on inventors, young scientists, and all the youth of this province.

Fortunately, West Papua has no shortage of inspirational figures and government initiatives. That can help move the province toward better living conditions.